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100-year-old Disney’s Australian ‘world first’

Australia Post is joining in the celebration of 100 years of Disney* magic in a way that’s sure to delight* Disney fans of all ages.

They’ve teamed up with Disney to create a limited edition collection of postage stamps* that showcase* Disney’s beloved characters in iconic* Australian locations.

Picture Mickey and Minnie waving hello from the Great Ocean Road, Ariel having a splash-tactic time at the Great Barrier Reef, and Nemo and friends exploring Sydney Harbour and the Red Centre in the Northern Territory.

Starting from October 3, these special Disney stamps will be available at Australia Post offices for $1.20 each.

In addition to the stamps, there are some other Disney-themed collectibles* like first-day covers, stamp packs, minisheets and maxi cards.

And if you’re a true Disney aficionado*, you’ll find a range of licensed products like collection packs and medallions*.

Now, here’s a fun fact: some Disney stamps from the past have become valuable collector’s items, selling for between $30 and $536 on eBay.

While it’s impossible to predict the future value of these stamps, they could become treasured keepsakes over time.

Tim Everett from The Walt Disney Company Australia and New Zealand said the stamp collection will be a “first in the world” for fans.

“They’re very unique and they come with the very special Disney 100 logo, which can only be used throughout this year as we celebrate the anniversary*,” Mr Everett said.

“I haven’t seen any stamps like this anywhere around the world with a very special Disney 100 logo on it. I think this is what makes it so special in that it’s a part of our celebration for the 100th anniversary and available just for a limited time.”

Peter Walters from PW Stamps said the Disney collection could have a similar popularity to Queen Elizabeth’s memorabilia*, which soared in value after her passing.

“Given that Disney is very popular, these stamps and associated products are likely to be very popular, just as stamps featuring the late Queen were especially popular following her passing,” Mr Walters said.

“As for the future value, nobody can predict and it will depend on supply and demand*. But the biggest value in stamp collecting and any hobby* is in the enjoyment.”

Walt Disney’s product development manager* Tara Stone, the talented artist behind the stamp designs, has poured her love for stamp collecting and Disney into her work.

“Collaborating with two beloved brands like Disney and Australia Post is one of my childhood dreams realised and it makes it an even bigger career and personal highlight for me since it is also Disney’s 100th anniversary,” Ms Stone said.

“I am so excited to be able to help bring to life this range of stamps featuring fan-favourite Disney characters while also showcasing the beautiful Australian environment using bold colours and iconic locations.”

The stamps are on sale at participating Post Offices and online while stocks* last.


  • Disney: a famous company known for creating beloved characters and stories
  • delight: extreme happiness or pleasure
  • postage stamps: small pieces of paper used for sending mail and often featuring pictures or designs
  • showcase: to display or present something in a special way
  • iconic: widely recognised and famous
  • collectibles: valuable items that people enjoy collecting
  • aficionado: someone who is a big fan or expert in a particular area
  • medallions: round metal discs often used as tokens or decorations
  • anniversary: the yearly celebration of a special event
  • memorabilia: objects or items that are related to famous people or events
  • supply and demand: the relationship between how much of something is available and how much people want it
  • hobby: an activity that someone does for pleasure in their free time
  • product development manager: someone who oversees the creation and improvement of products
  • Disney Cruise Line: a company that offers cruises with Disney-themed experiences
  • stocks: the amount of a product that is available for sale


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  1. What is Australia Post celebrating in collaboration with Disney?
  2. Where can you see Disney characters on limited edition postage stamps?
  3. When will the special Disney stamps be available at Australia Post Offices?
  4. What makes these Disney stamps unique according to Tim Everett from The Walt Disney Company Australia and New Zealand?
  5. Who is the talented artist behind the stamp designs?


1. Design your own Disney stamp
What amazing artwork of the Disney characters in key landmarks around Australia.

Think about your town or city and the main landmarks that might stand out to you or others. It might be an old building, a statue, a church, a monument or something of the like.

Choose a Disney character to portray standing in front of your local landmark.

Design and draw your picture that could be made into a postage stamp. Give your stamp a title similar to those in the Disney collection in Australia.

Share your artwork with your classmates.

Time: allow 30 minutes to complete this activity
Curriculum Links: English, Geography, Visual Arts, Critical and Creative Thinking

2. Extension
What makes the Disney brand so magical?
If you had to describe the Disney company in less than three words, what would you say? Have you or would you like to go to Disneyland somewhere in the world? Why or why not?
Time: allow 10 minutes to complete this activity
Curriculum Links: English, Personal and Social, Ethical, Critical and Creative Thinking

Creative vocabulary
Find a bland sentence from the article to up-level. Can you add more detail and description? Can you replace any ‘said’ words with more specific synonyms?

Have you outdone yourself and used some really great vocabulary throughout your writing? Firstly, well done. Secondly, let’s ensure everyone can understand it by adding a glossary of terms. Pick three of your wow words and create a glossary for each word to explain what it means.

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