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2023 Tokyo motor show | Autocar

Nissan has all but confirmed that the GT-R will still have a place in its line-up with the new Hyper Force concept, previewing how the venerable sports car will make the jump to electric power. It packs a whopping 1000kW (1341bhp) output, and is expected to pioneer the use of solid-state batteries in production cars around 2028 or 2029.

Nissan GT-R reborn as 1341bhp EV with solid-state battery

Nissan Hyper Punk

Nissan Hyper Punk front quarter

This electric crossover hints at the future of the Nissan Juke, with edgy origami-inspired styling and a suite of AI-powered features aimed at younger buyers. Nissan said it has been designed specifically for influencers and online content creators, with onboard cameras that can capture the scenery around the car.

Striking new Nissan concept gives clues to electric Juke

Nissan Hyper Tourer

Nissan Hyper Tourer front quarter

Previewing a future high-tech luxury minivan to rival the Volvo EM90, the Hyper Tourer is an ultra-luxury people carrier featuring fully autonomous capability, high-density solid-state batteries, vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology and a strong focus on aerodynamics. 

Inside, it features front seats that swivel 360deg, a floor made out of LEDs, virtual reality headsets for the rear passengers, and AI to monitor the various aspects of the occupants’ health, such as their heart rate.

Nissan Hyper Urban

Nissan Hyper Urban front quarter

The Hyper Urban is a Qashqai-sized crossover designed to be updateable as technology improves, even featuring a removable instrument panel that can be swapped out for one with the future technologies. Like the Hyper Adventure, Hyper Punk and Hyper Tourer, it also includes grid-balancing V2X technology.

Subaru Sport Mobility Concept

Subaru Sport Mobility Concept front quarter

This chunky, jacked-up sports coupé is a celebration of Subaru’s rallying heritage, introducing new design cues that mark a departure from the firm’s current line-up. Subaru suggests its driver would have control of “all four wheels at will”, hinting at the use of advanced torque vectoring technology.

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