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2024 Olympics: How to Attend the Paris Summer Games

Let the countdown begin!

The 2024 Olympics are less than a year away, with the Games set to take place in the heart of Paris, France from July 26 to August 11, 2024. This means that fans can expect to see the world’s best athletes competing against the iconic backdrop of the River Seine and the Eiffel Tower. Plus, some other exciting venues that may entice viewers to watch sports they wouldn’t typically tune in to.

Notably, the Summer Games will also mark the third time in history that Paris will serve as a host city, the first time being in 1900 and the second time in 1924. London is the only other city to host the Games three times. 

If you wish to take part in this historic moment, find out how to get tickets and more below!

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How can I get tickets to the 2024 Olympics?

Tickets for the 2024 Paris Games are currently available on Paris2024.com, which is the only official site for ticket sales. Those who choose to buy tickets from an unauthorized site do so at their own risk.

Currently, many of the events are already sold out since tickets went on sale in March 2023. The good news is an official resale ticket site will launch in Spring 2024, offering fans a second chance to attend their favorite sporting events.

There’s also the option to buy Hospitality and Travel Packages. The Hospitality Packages include premium seating for sporting events, exclusive access to in-venue lounges, and more amenities, whereas the Travel Packages feature museum tours and hotel stays, in addition to the Games. More info is available on the Paris site.

How much do Paris 2024 tickets cost?

Prices vary depending on location, session (a.k.a. sport), and section. And, of course, the packages are pricier than individual tickets.

For example, as of publication time, a Section D ticket for the gymnastics qualification round sells for around $26. However, once the competition enters the Finals, the same seat will cost around $109. Front row seats in the A-section start at $109 and reach a peak of $684. 

Regarding the Opening Ceremony, ticket prices range from around $98 all the way to nearly $3,000, though all but the most expensive appear to be sold out as of publication. 

Of course, resale tickets will be available for purchase when an official resale site launches in the spring.

Full price breakdowns are available here.

Are there ticket limits for the 2024 Paris Olympics?

The amount of tickets available depends on the sporting event and venue. For high-demand sporting events, account holders are only allowed to buy four tickets per account. For less in-demand events, the limit increases to six tickets. In total, one account is allowed to buy 30 tickets max for the Summer Games.

Since ticket sales have entered phase three, they are now sold on a first come, first served basis.

If you’re unable to fly to the French capitol for the 2024 Olympics, don’t worry — NBC has you covered. The network will air the Games live and on Peacock. Check back for a more detailed broadcast schedule.

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