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4 Ways To Make Money Off AI-Generated Art

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AI-generated art is one of the newest ways that creative side hustlers are using to create passive income. Some AI-generated art pages can pull tens of thousands of dollars a month. 

So, how does this relate to you? If you are an enjoyer of art or simply an entrepreneur looking for a new stream of passive income, AI-generated art can be an easy way to earn money.

However, there are key steps in this process that must be executed correctly in order to gain the most money from your business. Here’s a look at what those steps are and how you can make money through AI-generated art.

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Do Not Use Etsy

When deciding how to build a customer base to earn passive income from AI art, one of the most important components is deciding which platform will generate the most engagement.

According to the Quirky Quest YouTube channel, which covers topics related to side hustles, it often takes months to start generating income via Etsy, so this may not be the best choice.

Although Etsy is a well-established online business site with countless niches, they are often oversaturated.

Competing with other Etsy users who provide original content will make selling AI art extremely difficult.

Platforms such as Instagram or TikTok can be good starting points to gather clients that will purchase your product. 

Connect With Customers Emotionally

“When people feel an emotional connection to a page, they are more likely to positively associate with it, making them more likely to buy products,” YouTuber Quirky Quest said.

It is important to find a topic that will emotionally resonate with viewers. Relatable topics include art of pets, family and friendship. These topics directly relate to a viewer’s emotions and most people have pets, family and friends that they care about in their lives.

Other examples include thematic art — for example, ocean-related art or horror art. Quirky Quest gave the example of creating art related to long-distance relationships. 

Tools for Creating Art

Once you select a theme you believe has natural marketability, it is time to move forward in the next step of the process: actually generating the art. 


AIPRM is a Google Chrome extension that will allow you to generate art using ChatGPT. After downloading the extension, you will be able to use AIPRM within ChatGPT to produce code that can be plugged into another AI art app. 

At this time, ChatGPT does not have the capability to create art. In order to generate an image, users must go to alternative AI applications. 

AI Art Generators

These AI art tools are extremely useful for generating art. Midjourney and OpenArt are two popular computer-generated art technologies that many successful creators are using to create their products. 

Midjourney is a paid subscription service, so other free options may provide a more sustainable alternative.

Additionally, iPhone apps such as starryai are becoming increasingly popular for people in the field of AI art.  It is recommended to do your research to find the best AI program that creates art with the aesthetic you want.

Final Thought

The road to creating a successful small business is not without challenges. But, because of the new technology available for creating AI art, this side hustle can quickly become lucrative. 

Potential AI art creators should utilize the technologies around them in order to create the best, most sellable product possible. Many people have found success building customer bases and selling AI art online.

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