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A Sustainable “Air Taxi” Service Will Operate Out of West L.A. – Yo! Venice!

Based on Images and Videos, the Aircraft’s Design Mixes a Helicopter With an Airplane

By Zach Armstrong

Los Angeles is one of the most traffic congested U.S. cities. As a driver moves at a snail’s pace on its highways, they may look to the sky for an idea on how to bypass the situation. But expedient private air travel is unaffordable for most. Even if one can afford it, using it as an alternative for cross-town commutes has been scrutinized as a factor in environmental destruction. 

Following a partnership between aircraft startup Archer Aviation Inc. and aviation service provider Atlantic Aviation, the two entities will develop an sustainable “air taxi” service at the Santa Monica Airport among other U.S. locations. The companies aim to launch these services at initial locations, including Miami, San Francisco and New York in addition to Los Angeles, by 2025. 

The air taxi service aims to provide 10- to 20- minute long commutes in an electric aircraft as a substitute for car commutes that can take up to an hour and a half. The aircraft, Midnight, is a piloted, four-passenger aircraft which the companies describe as being safe, low noise and cost-competitive with ground transportation. The aircrafts will be engineered for speeds up to 150 mph and optimized for regular 20-50 mile urban trips.

Based on images and videos, the aircraft’s design mixes a helicopter with an airplane. Most of its long, narrow body is reminiscent of an airplane, while a dozen propellers similar to that of a helicopter sit on the wings.

“We are excited to work with Atlantic to help electrify their vast portfolio of high-value aviation assets in America’s most congested cities,” said Nikhil Goel, Archer’s Chief Commercial Officer in a news release. “These initial eVTOL vertiport locations will provide a launching pad for future expansion across Atlantic’s portfolio and ensure that our Midnight aircraft has safe, centrally located landing facilities for our future passengers.”

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