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​​​​​​​Al-Abed warns of danger of possible rapprochement with Turkish occupation state –

 The Turkish occupation state continues to play its rapprochement at the international and regional levels, including its rapprochement with the Damascus government.  In order to implement its agendas on Syrian territory, which are not in the interest of the Syrian people.

 After nearly 12 years of the Syrian crisis, the head of the Turkish occupation state, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, retracted his efforts to “overthrow the regime” and turned to talk about reconciliation with it, from the gateway to fighting the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria.  The government of Damascus and the Turkish occupation state did not deny the existence of direct security contacts between the two parties.

 Talks about a possible reconciliation increased after a meeting held on August 5 in the Russian city of Sochi between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

 Russia is pushing for this reconciliation for several reasons, according to observers.  Russia, which publicly intervened in the Syrian crisis on September 30, 2015, seeks to re-establish the control of the Damascus government over the entire Syrian lands. It believes that an agreement between the Damascus government and the Turkish occupation state against the Autonomous Administration, will be the key to restoring the control of the Damascus government over the entirety of the Syrian geography that Russia has bargained with on many occasions.

In this regard, Hamdan Al-Abed, the deputy co-chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration, says, “The Syrian crisis has become international and regional, as several countries intervened and attracted them to implement their agendas.”

 Al-Abed shed light on the Turkish occupation state’s exploitation of the Syrian people, “Turkey wanted to pass its Brotherhood project at the expense of the Syrian people, by exploiting the conditions of the Syrians and benefiting from your emigration and their experiences, in addition to stealing oil, grain and factories, and attracting capital into its lands. It also benefited from the refugee card  on its soil to pressure the European Union.”

 Al-Abed indicated to our agency that they are “aware of the existence of contacts between Turkey and the Syrian government. As Bashar al-Assad talked about several times, there are security meetings between them, despite all the crimes Turkey committed on Syrian soil.”

 Al-Abed continued, “The presence of armed groups in Idlib is evidence of the contacts, which were sponsored by Russia, through the sale of these groups in political deals in Jobar, Homs and Daraa. Everyone who did not accept this policy was pushed into Idlib, which has become an incubator for those who do not want a settlement in northern Syria.”

 Turkey wants to restore its relations with the countries of the Middle East in general

 Hamdan Al-Abed said, “We found today, that Turkish politics, after it played its  negative role, wants to restore its relationship with all Arab countries and the entire Middle East, in addition to the fact that it is on the verge of elections next year.  Perhaps the most important projects of the ruling Justice and Development Party is progress in  the elections and winning the opinion of the Turkish street, as a result of the deteriorating economic situation, this is how Turkey benefited from all these things.”

Al-Abed stated, “Turkey is heading to Saudi Arabia and Egypt. It is also heading to Syria with a Russian plan. Russia wants to carry two watermelons with one hand, by winning Turkey to its side and extending its control over Syrian territory completely and plundering its resources.”

 “Turkey needs international and internal support, and Russia wants to win Turkey to its side in its war on Ukraine, and we have noticed that the export of wheat from Ukraine was through the United Nations and the mediator is the Turkish occupation state, and Russia gave it this role,” al-Abed noted.

 The Syrian people do not accept this rapprochement

 Hamdan al-Abed stressed, “We in the north and east of Syria, and Syria in general, do not accept this reconciliation and rapprochement between those who killed and displaced our sons and supported “terrorism” and those who played the legitimate role that commands and ends, and prevents the opposition from national consensus. All of these agendas are a danger to the Syrian people.  There was a rapprochement with the Damascus government mediated by Russia, and this is evidence of the implementation of foreign and not national agendas. We in Syria are looking forward to Syrian dialogue on Syrian soil to come up with a comprehensive Syrian constitution that preserves the rights of all.”

 Al-Abed noted, “We are approaching the year 2023, in which the end of the Treaty of Lausanne and the upcoming Turkish elections will be,” adding, “The Syrian people, in general, should beware that it is a card in Turkey’s hands to pass its Brotherhood project, and that Erdogan will be the winner of the elections, so that the next one will be greater,  the Syrians should be wary of this rapprochement.”

North and Eastern Syria is not a separation to Hamdan al-Abd.

A letter to the Government of Damascus and to the Syrian Foreign Minister, who described the north and eastern Syria, in which “We are not separated, but we are open to dialogue and look forward to the Syrian dialogue. We do not accept any external intervention” “We continue on the dialogue proves that we are not separated.”

“There must be a solution by any Syrian party and to include the collection of the Syrians, not a certain category or part of this crisis, according to resolution 2254, and achieve success on the ground and the Syrian people are within this forum and within this constitution.



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