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Alleged drug dealer returns from Contiki trip

An alleged drug dealer who was allowed to travel overseas on a Contiki holiday has returned to the country to defend the charges.

Amy Lovatt, 19, pleaded not guilty to two counts of supplying an indictable amount of cocaine, one count of supplying a small amount of the drug and one count of dealing with crime proceeds.

Police allege she was caught supplying cocaine and in possession of $300 cash suspected to be gained from drug supply in Surry Hills on May 13.

She was arrested and granted bail.

In early July, she had her bail varied to temporarily cancel her three days of reporting to police and allow her to travel on an overseas Contiki tour, with her family offering up a $10,000 surety to ensure she would return to the country and face court as required.

Amy Lovatt had her bail varied to allow her to go on a Contiki trip.

At the time, Deputy Chief Magistrate Theo Tsavdaridis said it was “not exactly a compelling case” to allow someone facing serious drug supply charges to go on a Contiki trip, adding he felt “very uncomfortable about it”.

But he ultimately allowed it after hearing Lovatt’s lawyer’s case about her lack of criminal record and financial commitments in Australia that would ensure she returns.

Lovatt’s lawyer conceded she faced allegations of “very serious offending”.

Contiki is a youth-focused travel company based in New Zealand and Australia.

The court heard her bail conditions were to be reset to their previous conditions once her trip was over.

But today, her lawyer told Sydney’s Downing Centre Local Court Lovatt returned to the country to be told by police she no longer had any bail conditions.

“Your Honour suspended bail so she could travel, but police have told her she has no bail (conditions) anymore,” her lawyer told the court.

Mr Tsavdaridis said he would “fix that now” and reinstated her bail conditions which were in force prior to her leaving for her trip on June 20.

The court heard the brief was yet to be served despite being due on July 17, due to outstanding drug analysis results and mobile phone celebrite records.

Mr Tsavdaridis reordered the brief to be served by 18 September.

Lovatt’s case will return to court at a later date.

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