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Are All These Rumours About Salaar?

There have been widespread rumours and speculations about a high-budget star-studded movie online. Rumours are rife that the film is going through various business-related issues as several distributors and buyers, who had initially offered hefty offers, are reportedly renegotiating with the film’s makers. There is a strong buzz that these issues may further postpone the film’s release theatrically.

Reports had it that the initial problem was only with the contract of the Hindi version business since the distributor reportedly incurred a loss due to the change in the film’s release date.

As news of renegotiation circulated in the trade and distribution circles, distributors in other key areas are also said to be making similar requests.

The latest we hear is that the overseas distributor who originally agreed to acquire rights for a staggering amount, is also trying to renegotiate. All these turn into a big headache for the makers.

It is strongly rumoured that it is Prabhas and Prasanth Neel’s Salaar which are facing these rumours. Industry circles are abuzz, “Are all these rumours about Salaar?”

This post was last modified on 9 November 2023 12:20 pm

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