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Azerbaijan in fight against FETÖ – Turkish general touches on interesting facts

Rena Murshud

Today, the chairman of the Party of Democracy and Welfare of
Azerbaijan, Gubad Ibadoghlu, was detained due to links with the
FETÖ organization in Azerbaijan. This means that the
representatives of this terrorist organization have not been silent
yet, but continue to dream of capturing and poisoning not only
Azerbaijan and Turkiye, but also the entire Turkic world.

“The Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) is an external
intelligence organization that is dangerous not only for Turkiye
and Azerbaijan, but for the entire Turkic world, for the universe.
This organization has insidious plans for Turkiye and Azerbaijan,
as well as all countries of the world. These plans are important
from the viewpoint of revealing some dangerous plans and tricks of
Western states in relation to Turkiye and Azerbaijan.”

This was told by Turkish general Yucel Karauz in a commented on
the issue for Azernews.

First up, Karauz told about the inception of this terrorist
organization adding its method of influencing people both in
Turkiye and Azerbaijan.

“FETÖ has been actived in Turkiye since the 1970s. Its
penetration into Azerbaijan began in 1992. They implicitly
reproduce religious feelings, feelings of quality education,
feelings of technology, feelings of people, national and local
characteristics. These people sent their students to these schools
to give a good education and training to their children all over
the Turkic world in order to get acquainted with technology and the
world. Since 1992, especially after the December 17-25 operation in
Turkiye, our countries began to work together against FETÖ in
Azerbaijan and the Turkic world,” the former general said.

According to the expert, Azerbaijani state was the most
effective and the first initiator in the context of the fight
against FETÖ. “After 17-25 December, attempts were made to
influence the members of this terrorist organization, especially
the educational institutions of the state bureaucracy. As a result
of these efforts, and after a treacherous coup attempt after the
17-25 December operations in Turkiye, Azerbaijan carried out
counter-operations against FETÖ. In this regard, about 17 schools
and almost a hundred courses, the university were closed in
Azerbaijan. Schools were placed under state control. FETÖ is active
in Azerbaijan, as well as in about 170 countries around the world.
But Azerbaijan felt it and immediately took measures after the
operations on 17-25 December in Turkiye,” the expert added.

Speaking about the existence of secret and inextinguishable FETÖ
cells in Azerbaijan, Yucel Karauz also mentioned that members of
the organization who came from Turkiye carry out their activities
in secret. Among the structures that they have united and
transformed since 1992, there are still Azerbaijanis and
unidentified structures.

Fighting FETÖ is not just fighting a terrorist organization in
Turkiye. The fight against FETÖ is a fight that every country must
wage for the indivisible integrity and independence of the country.
In this struggle, it is necessary to take into account the fact
that this organization has secret cells with plans A, B, and C.

Calling the tactics of this terrorist organization chameleon
tactics, he added that visually it is impossible to accurately
identify them. They adapt to the place and environment, giving the
appearance of a modern person, sometimes wearing earrings,
sometimes growing a beard, sometimes wearing a tuxedo.

Further, Yucel Karauz spoke about the institutions targeted by
FETO: “The state institutions targeted by them are primarily the
presidential apparatus, ministries, especially the Ministry of
Education, intelligence organizations, special forces, specially
assigned units, military schools, police schools, judges and
prosecutors, in other words, attempts to infiltrate the elements
that make up the backbone of the state continue. For this, it is
useful to study the situation of students who have gone to Turkiye
to study: firstly, it is useful to study the criteria of students
who have traveled to Turkiye to study since 1992, and secondly, it
is useful to look at the situation of the staff, in addition to the
sincerity of people who graduated from these schools.

It is necessary to pay attention to structures in technical
intelligence, eavesdropping, bypass and intelligence services. In
addition, personal servants, that is, personal servants next to
commanders, military servants next to ministers, secretaries,
clerks, assistants – they need to be well paid. Because FETÖ
monitors, controls, listens and records the activities of
high-ranking servicemen through the servants with whom he works.
These points need to be taken into account. They need to be looked
at from the point of view of “The ongoing struggle”, and not “We
fought, and it’s over.” There are extensions in every area. But it
would be useful to look at the position of those who go to
Pennsylvania and visit Fatullah, and those who write poetry to him,
in order of praise. With regard to Turkiye’s current fight against
this terrorist organization, I think that Azerbaijan created
science and the operations carried out on the last day were the
result of this joint coordination. When creating a continuous
mechanism, it is important that all elements, including students of
the military, police colleges, universities preparing people for
state institutions, are evaluated from a single point of view,”
Karauz told.

The expert noted that FETÖ is an organization that has more than
one direction in politics, economics, budget, shopping centers and
even in the cultivation of cherries. In addition to serving the
national unity and solidarity of society and the state in front of
the political decision-making mechanisms, the organization has used
and continues to use the religious and humanitarian feelings of the
members, supporting and assisting the staff with the mechanisms
that control the society with these structures, using their good
intentions. According to him, FETÖ is also an active mechanism in
politics. In this case, FETÖ also reach out to people, draw them to
themselves and recruit them.

In conclusion Yucel Karauz noted that Azerbaijan is tirelessly
fighting against FETÖ. But what has been done is not enough, action
must be taken.

“As I have just stated, all personnel in Turkiye, including
those studying in Turkiye, personnel, graduates of this school, the
judiciary, the armed forces, the police, intelligence agencies and
organizations involved in wiretapping, must be screened according
to criteria to be determined. These pests and parasites, who try to
break off the unity and solidarity of the state and the well-being
of the people, must be deprived of the opportunity to find a place
in society.

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