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BC Gov’t announcing truck vs overpass rules | CityNews Vancouver

The B.C. government is expected to announce a new set of rules on Thursday to help prevent trucks from hitting overpasses.

There have been several overpass strikes on the Lower Mainland in 2023, with North Vancouver seeing one of these collisions as recently as September.

Overpass strikes often cause significant traffic delays and damage that is both expensive and time-consuming to repair.

After September’s overpass strike, the BC Trucking Association demanded the province be more transparent about incidents in which large vehicles hit public infrastructure.

According to the province, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Rob Fleming is making the announcement alongside the BC Trucking Association’s president and CEO, Dave Earle.

The province hasn’t provided any details on these rules so far, other than mentioning the announcement would cover “tougher action coming to reduce infrastructure crashes involving commercial vehicles.”

The announcement is scheduled for 12 p.m.

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