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#BholaaPreRelease: Aadhi’s Fireworks Broke Chiru To Tears

“Megastar hasn’t criticised anyone before growing up in the industry because he was yet to grow. Even after becoming Megastar, he’s not criticising anyone because his morals won’t let him do” said Hyper Aadhi, kicking the whole of the auditorium into shouts and whistles. That’s a sample from Jabardasth fame comedian and actor Aadhi’s speech at the pre-release event of “Bholaa Shankar” last night which is now going viral on the internet. 

During a lively and passionate speech that lasted for over 10 minutes, Aadhi addressed every critic of Megastar Chiranjeevi at the event, showering him with high praise. Aadhi emphasized that Megastar has been battling in the film industry for the past 30 years, much like a valiant soldier, which is why he has been appointed as the leader of this competition. Aadhi acknowledged that Chiru’s status as the No.1 hero is well-deserved, as he has set unparalleled standards in terms of his exceptional dancing abilities and powerful fight sequences.

“In his film Tagore, his favourite like ‘Nacchani padam kshaminchadam’, but in real life he likes the word ‘Kshaminchadam’ mostly”, said Aadhi, adding a series of incidents where Chiranjeevi never lost his composure. “When a guy has grown thrown eggshells on Chiru at a political meet, but he maintained composure, which otherwise fans would have tonsured that guy’s head. When a person opposed his crossing of the line at the polling booth, he maintained silence, though the other person crossed all the limits. A preacher who is talking to hundreds of followers got impatient with a man who has crores of fans for no reason. Even then, Megastar maintained cool and composure”. 

“Earn your income with hard work, but don’t earn greedily by writing cheap stuff on hardworking people like Megastar,” said Aadhi, warning some YouTube channels that wrote stuff on Chiru and his conflicts with the likes of Suman and Uday Kiran. Criticising RGV indirectly, Aadhi added that this director takes a dig at Chiru after a small peg and his younger brother after a large peg. “There will be no claps for meaningless comments and no collections for contentless films” he articulated. 

Commenting on Ram Charan, Aadi stated, “Upon entering the film industry, Ram Charan faced deliberate criticism from certain detractors. They made illogical remarks suggesting that he only attained the title of Mega Powerstar due to his familial connections. However, today he has proven himself by overcoming competition and ascending to the pinnacle of success as a Global Star. Undoubtedly, he is a formidable force in the industry.” He further added “Sachin Tendulkar’s son didn’t become another Sachin nor Amitabh Bachchan’s son another Big B. But Chiranjeevi’s son became another Chiranjeevi today”. These lines made Chiranjeevi emotional and brought tears to his eyes. 

On a closing note, Aadhi added that Chiru might pardon his enemies and senseless critics, but Pawan Kalyan won’t spare them at all. He criticised AP Minister Ambati Rambabu indirectly for talking about Bro movie collections. “Compared to the collections he made as a minister, our film collections are low; no worries, we can’t cross the minister’s collections for sure”. 

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