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Blake Lively Gushes Over “Dreamy” Ryan Reynolds in His Latest Movie

According to Blake Lively, fairy tales and tales of Prince Charming actually do exist, and Ryan Reynolds is all the proof she needs.

The Gossip Girl actress took a moment on on April 10 to give her husband a sweet shoutout amid the trailer for his latest family friendly movie adventure, If, being released. The trailer kicks off with Reynolds emerging from a cluttered bedroom, looking bewildered as he quickly discovers a benevolent purple monster emerge from a walk in close. Big bold text then asks the viewer, “What if everything you believed as a kid is true?”

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“Everything I believed as a kid did turn out to be true…his name is @vancityreynolds,” Lively, wrote via her Instagram Stories with a repost of the trailer, answering the question that it posed.

“Well, his legal name isn’t At Vancity Reynolds,” she jokingly added. “But he is dreamy and he is in @ifmovie which is also pure magic.”

Reynold stars in If as Cal alongside Cailey Fleming, who plays Bea, “a young girl who goes through a difficult experience begins to see everyone’s imaginary friends who have been left behind as their real-life friends have grown up.” Lively also has a small role in the star-studded flick as imaginary friend, Kitten of the Sea. (“I disappear into a role,” she said of her voice cameo.)

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Lively and Reynold’s team up on a movie is rare these days — “When Ryan and I got together, we made a rule not to work at the same time, so that we could always prioritize our personal life,” she explained in a February episode of the Further Ado podcast. “That takes working really hard when we’re not. Just like financial planning and sustaining that, it takes balance.”

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