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Bollywood star Celina Jaitley talks about staying in Dubai hospital after losing newborn in

Due to her father’s sudden demise the actor went into labour at 32 weeks, delivering her twins prematurely

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Published: Sat 22 Jul 2023, 9:45 AM

Bollywood actor Celina Jaitley, who is famously known for her roles in Golmaal Returns and No Entry penned an emotional post on Instagram on Wednesday, opening up about her newborn baby’s loss back in 2017 during a twin pregnancy.

The star who became a mother to a pair of twin boys in 2012, conceived another pair of twins in 2017. Due to her father’s sudden demise, she went into labour at 32 weeks and delivered the babies prematurely, after which she lost one child, Shamsher, due to a heart condition.

The actor says she believes sharing her story will help others who went through similar experiences. In her post she wrote, “It took me 5 years to come to terms with this episode of our lives but I have finally summoned the courage to talk about my ordeal to help many parents who reach out to Peter and I as they deal with the trauma of preterm birth and loss of a baby. Peter and I want such parents to know that they can get through this.”

“In personal experience we both can vouch that your Preemie baby is a true survivor. #preemies show us the power of faith and prayer and the fight of the human spirit. Remember that most #prematurebabies survive and live completely normal, healthy lives. PS: Preterm is defined as babies born alive before 37 weeks of #pregnancy are completed,” the star continued.

Celina, who married businessman Peter Haag back in 2011, spoke about how despite the bittersweet moment, she smiled ‘after a million tears’ in front of the camera to ‘seal a happy memory’ for the blessed arrival of baby Arthur, as he went straight to the incubator in a NICU of a Dubai hospital for three months.

The actor who is based in Austria, stayed in the hospital’s NICU with their son Arthur, as the couple experienced ‘feelings of frustration, intense sadness, nervousness, disappointment, guilt, anger, and love’, wrote the actress in her post.

“It is very important at such a time to remember you can be more effective as a team than individually so watch your teamwork as parents. Speaking, singing gently to your premature baby in the NICU is a great way to bond and feel close, even when you can’t hold him. Remember, impossible odds set the stage for incredible miracles.”

The actor ended her post by writing, “Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.”

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