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Brand Dubai launches new #DubaiDestinations guide

DUBAI – Brand Dubai, the creative arm of the Government of Dubai Media Office (GDMO), has launched a new #DubaiDestinations guide that features a selection of the city’s top child-friendly restaurants and cafes.

Titled “Kid-Friendly Restaurants and Play Areas in Dubai”, the guide presents a handpicked list of eateries that offer scrumptious cuisine for all ages and dedicated play spaces for children.

With Dubai seeing increasing demand for dining options that cater to the needs of families, the guide provides an exclusive selection of restaurants and cafes that combine delectable food with safe and fun-filled play areas. The restaurants listed in the guide are especially suitable for families with young children.

The interactive guide is the third among a series of guides issued by Brand Dubai as part of the latest #DubaiDestinations campaign. The campaign aims to showcase the city’s top-rated summer experiences and highlight unique attractions that make Dubai a one-of-a-kind summer destination.

The new guide also features a second section listing some of Dubai’s best kids’ entertainment centres that offer dining options, further reflecting the campaign’s efforts to put the spotlight on holistic family experiences.

Shaima Al Suwaidi, Director of Brand Dubai, said, “We are delighted to introduce the ‘Kid-Friendly Restaurants and Play Areas in Dubai’ guide as part of the #DubaiDestinations summer campaign. Consistent with Dubai’s growing profile as the world’s best city to live, work and visit, the new guide presents an array of eateries that offer exquisite culinary experiences for all ages, coupled with exciting play areas for children. As part of the campaign’s commitment to highlight Dubai’s family-friendly attractions, the guide also provides a select list of children’s entertainment centres with food outlets. One of the key objectives of the #DubaiDestinations campaign is to showcase Dubai’s diverse facets as a summer destination, and the new guide is part of our efforts to raise the profile of places that provide enjoyable experiences for the family.”

The latest #DubaiDestinations summer campaign highlights the attractions and experiences that make the emirate a top pick among global destinations this season. The collaborative campaign, implemented by Brand Dubai weaves together compelling content from diverse stakeholders and creatives, to tell the story of Dubai’s emergence as one of the world’s best summer destinations.

Running until August 2023, the campaign encourages residents and visitors to discover Dubai’s diverse leisure, dining, adventure and family-friendly activities in the summer months.

The #DubaiDestinations campaign is being rolled out over digital, broadcast, print and outdoor media to ensure it reaches large sections of local and international audiences. Brand Dubai is implementing the campaign in cooperation with various stakeholders and the creative media community.

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