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Cheating seems to be becoming increasingly prevalent in online Street Fighter 6 matches

While not surprising, it seems Capcom has a bit of a problem on their hands when it comes to cheaters playing Street Fighter 6. We’ve seen a handful of suspicious instances over the last four months as number of YouTube videos and X posts have shown footage of online users playing a little too pristine, and such instances appear to be on the rise.

A recent such YouTube video comes from Diaphone as he takes a closer look at the problem. We can start with an X post from mid September highlighting a Juri with a peculiar propensity for Perfect Parries.

It’s not that the user in question is necessarily a bot, but in this and many of these instances, it looks as though certain automatic processes are set in place to help augment otherwise human play. Kalami’s Juri doesn’t Perfect Parry everything possible, but does successfully Perfect Parry every single crouching medium kick (4) Guile throws out in the round, and also PPs the one medium punch used against it.

In his video Diaphone watches a handful of suspicious replays with input history turned on. We end up seeing some frame-perfect movements that a human would be highly unlikely to pull off consistently. With all the resources SF6 offers, we can also track how quickly certain players move up through ranks, a hasty run of which can also be a telltale sign of augmented play.

One of the players who pops up in the video, Lightspeed, was the first to breach 2,300MR. As of the writing of this, this account has been reset to the starting amount of 1500MR, suggesting developer intervention of some sort.

Capcom should be wary to quickly make a public move to rectify this as general favor with Street Fighter 6, though still relatively high, has clearly been waning in recent weeks. Should fans become widely aware of yet another issue such as this and feel as though developers aren’t prioritizing a fix, the risk is a major hit to public enthusiasm for the game.

Check out the full video from Diaphone below and share your thoughts on this matter in the comments. Do you think the presence of these apparent cheaters is a major issue, or more of an understandable part of the experience that won’t ultimately hamper Street Fighter 6’s image too greatly?

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