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Chitram Chudara Teaser: Suspense Thriller

Hero Varun Sandesh who is in desperate need of success is coming up with a film titled Chitram Chudara directed by RN Harshavardhan.

The makers arrived with the film’s teaser. Varun Sandesh and Co wear masks of film celebrities and enter a house for what seems to be a robbery.

Ravi Babu and Shivaji Raja are on a secret pact. Then, we get to see some suspenseful episodes and the action avatar of Varun Sandesh who is a fan of Pawan Kalyan.

The teaser doesn’t reveal the storyline, yet it creates interest. It pledges the movie will be a suspense thriller with some senior actors in important roles.

Sheetal Bhatt is the lead actress in the movie, whereas Dhanraj and Kasi Vishwanath appeared as Varun Sandesh’s friends.

Produced by BM Cinemas, the movie has music by Radhan, while Jawahar Reddy cranked the camera.

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