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Cubans in France ready for a referendum on the Family Code – Prensa Latina

Diplomats and officials from the island’s state missions in this capital, along with their families, are summoned to the polls with the aim of establishing a position on a text that was previously subjected to several revisions and a citizen consultation.

Prensa Latina verified the preparations and set-up of the school, with the national symbols and the conditions created for Sunday.

This week, the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a preparation day for consular officials for voting abroad, the prelude to the referendum that will take place on September 25 in the Antillean nation.

For his part, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez highlighted last Sunday that the dynamic test for suffrage abroad was carried out successfully.

The new Family Code is considered a modern text, as it protects all expressions of family diversity and the right of each person to form a family in coherence with the Constitution of the Republic and its principles of equality, non-discrimination and human dignity. .

Likewise, it strengthens family responsibility from the emotional, educational, training and economic point of view in the care of its members; with love, affection, solidarity and responsibility at the highest of values.

According to Justice Minister Oscar Silvera, Cuba will be the first country to submit a Family Code to popular consultation and a referendum, a process that is also unprecedented on the island, which has only held constitutional referendums.


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