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Dan Patrick has his retirement plan in mind: ‘You have my word’

The end is in sight for Dan Patrick.

On the “Dan Patrick Show” on Wednesday, the crew was discussing throwing in money for a pool of Powerball tickets.

At this time, Patrick said that they would continue working — for as long as he wanted to continue doing the show.

That’s when producer Marvin Prince raised his hand and asked Patrick how much longer he would work.

“Four more years,” Patrick said.

Patrick’s show airs on Fox Sports Radio and Peacock.

Prince said that he didn’t believe the host, prognosticating that he would kick the can down the road again when the four-year period expired.

“No,” Patrick said.

“Four more years, in December, that’s how long I’m gonna do this for. By January of 2028, I will be on ‘The Golden Bachelor.’ That’s it. That’s all I’m doing. That’s when the microphone gets turned off for the final time.

Dan Patrick revealed that he will retire at the end of 2027, when he is 70 years old.
DP Show

“I’m gonna take my hair piece and give it to Fritzy [producer Todd Fritz].”

Patrick joked that he would go be a fishing guide in Montana or Costa Rica in his retirement.

Patrick is 66 years old and would be 70 at the time of his planned retirement.

Later, a caller lamented the announcement and said that listeners need eight more years.

“No, no, no,” Patrick said.

“This is a young man’s game. I’m the oldest guy doing this. I enjoy doing it but by the end of 2027 that’ll be it. You have my word, so plan accordingly. You have four and a half years to get ready for that moment.”

He’s hosted his eponymous show since 1999, when it was on ESPN Radio, taking control of the program himself when he left the network in 2007.

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