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Dear Abby: My husband got a huge inheritance, and hasn’t given me a penny

DEAR ABBY: My husband received a huge inheritance two years ago, and he hasn’t given me a penny. He was always a supportive husband until now. Before he received the money, he told me he was going to give me $5,000 and buy me a car.

Something changed his mind, and he has become very selfish. When I mentioned this to him, we got into a big argument, and he said he doesn’t “have” to give me anything. This has bothered me to the point that it has strained our communication and our marriage. What can I do? — VERY HURT IN THE SOUTH

DEAR VERY HURT: If you can ask your husband calmly WHY he changed his mind after promising you a new car and the money, that’s the place to start. If that isn’t possible, then you and your husband may need help from a licensed marriage and family therapist to restore the level of communication and trust the two of you enjoyed before he received his inheritance. (He can certainly afford it now.)

DEAR ABBY: My son, age 31, dated a woman for a month. On a couple of occasions, she got drunk and became very nasty. He decided to end the relationship and did it in person.

Unfortunately, during their short time together, he divulged some personal issues he’s working on. She contacted him a few weeks after they broke up. When he didn’t respond, she contacted him again and threatened to make his personal issues public. What do you do in this situation? — CAUTIOUS MOM IN NEW JERSEY

DEAR MOM: The healthiest thing for your son to do would be to continue ignoring the woman. There is nothing positive to be gained by allowing himself to be sucked into a contentious relationship with someone who may be unstable. The alternative would be to have his attorney write her a letter explaining that should she post anything on social media that could damage his reputation (and job, business, etc.), she might be liable for damages, legal fees and court costs.

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