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Disney Gives $215 Million Magic Touch To Paris Hotels

Disney has revealed that it invested $214.2 million (€202.6 million) in the hotels at its theme park complex in Paris over the five years to September 30 2022 with at least $62.1 million (€58.7 million) of it largely spent on theming one of them to Marvel superheroes.

Disneyland Paris is famous for its two theme parks – the fairytale-themed Disneyland Park and the neighbouring Walt DisneyDISDIS Studios. However, the resort is also home to two convention centers, a 27-hole golf course, the 44,000-square-meter Disney Village entertainment district and 8,500 rooms across seven hotels. They are all distinctly different.

At the entrance to its flagship park is the Disneyland Hotel, a pink palace that looks like it has come from the pages of a Victorian fairytale. A short walk away is a woodland lodge complex as well as five hotels inspired by destinations in the Americas.

The Santa Fe and the Cheyenne are themed to Mexico and the Wild West respectively whilst the Sequoia Lodge looks like a huge woodland retreat and the Newport Bay Club is in the style of a sprawling New England mansion with white clapboard walls and gleaming wooden decking inside. In June 2021 they were joined by Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel. The hotel originally opened with the rest of the resort in 1992 and was initially themed to the Big Apple. Its decor hardly changed in more than 25 years until Disney closed its doors in 2018 to give it a multi-year makeover which made it seem like it is set in a world of superheroes.

The lobby of the hotel has the air of the atrium of an Art Deco American railway station. There are brushed steel floors, stone walls and mahogany display cabinets containing replicas of Captain America’s shield as well as Iron Man’s armor.

More than 350 pieces of artwork showing Marvel comics characters have been designed bespoke for the property and are scattered around it so that guests can go on treasure hunts to find their favorite heroes. Different areas of the hotel showcase the heroes in unexpected design styles from street art to giant murals made from the bricks in Rubik’s Cubes. The art tells the story behind the Marvel Comics characters who inhabit the Avengers Campus land which opened last year in the Studios park.

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