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Eby’s: A Ghost Bakehouse Delivering Paris All Across Cairo

La vie avec Eby’s? C’est si bon et si beau! This ghost kitchen bakes Parisian treats and brings them right to your doorstep.

On gloomy days, when we find ourselves wrapped up in cocoons and the mere thought of leaving the familiar warmth of our abodes seems quite daunting, we scour online delivery apps seeking a comfortable solace in the shape of flaky French delights. It was during one such episode of hibernation that I found myself in the sweet delectable embrace of the online universe of Eby’s Bakehouse.

Courtesy of Le Cordon Bleu alumni chef, Youssef El Ebiary, my gastronomical adventure with Eby’s Bakehouse unfolded within two chapters. The first started off with a slew of breakfast classics like buttery Croissant, Pain au Chocolat and savoury Danishes, culminating with two types of scrumptious travel cakes, which restored my will to live one slice after another.

The first offering was a luscious multi-layered moist orange blossom lemon cake, a whipped-cream cloud of cake perfection adorned with rich swirls of chocolate praline ganache. Meanwhile, the second creation was a tube-shaped mango passion fruit cake, generously filled with a tantalising jam-like mixture, and delicately dusted with a thin layer of powdered sugar.

Turning the page to chapter two, I got lost in the sinfully divine layers of the kitchen’s signature dish, Mille Feuille. Its irresistible buttery and flaky combination of multiple razor-thin golden layers of puff pastry and silky-smooth cream filling created a symphony of flavours that danced on my palate.

Compelled by these Parisian flavours, I reached out to the mastermind behind this virtual pastry haven to uncover the story of how Eby’s Bakehouse came to be.

“I aspire to become a chef for the people,” Youssef El Ebiary, Founder and Head Chef of Eby’s Bakehouse, tells SceneEats. “So, I wanted to create an intimate universe of refined handcrafted pastries to celebrate the simple joy of indulgence.”

Fresh out of EU Business School in Barcelona, Youssef couldn’t ignore his deep passion for food and the persistent urge within him to explore more of the tempting universe of culinary arts. “After graduating with a degree in finance, it wasn’t enough for me. So, I asked my father, ‘What do you think of men who study to become chefs?’” El Ebairy recalls. “To my surprise he welcomed the thought with open arms and helped me begin my journey as a chef.”

Although he experimented with multiple recipes from different cuisines during his time abroad, Youssef developed an infatuation with the oven-hot artisanal craft of baking and found a special allure in the delicate world of French pastries. With a penchant for challenge, he wanted to establish his place alongside those who have mastered the craft of baking. “Pastries and bakery products require a level of perfection unseen to many, and it’s quite a challenge that only few can master,” El Ebairy says. “I fell in love with this meticulous balance between science and passion that creates an intimate, yet comforting gastronomical experience with every bite.”

In 2017, Youssef decided to follow his heart and pursued a Grande Diplome at the esteemed culinary arts school, Le Cordon Bleu Paris (Cuisine + Patisserie) under the guidance of prominent French chef Eric Briffard. He further honed his skills by obtaining another diploma in the art of Boulangerie, aka Bread-making, which saw him training under the supervision of acclaimed pastry chefs who have earned the recognition of MOF Best Craftsmen in France, such as Jean-Francois Deguignet and Oliver Boudot. 

Having observed both the inner workings of international and local F&B establishments and trained at La Maison Pichard,  one of Paris’ oldest traditional French bakery and pastry shops, El Ebairy decided to combine both his extensive experience and cultural heritage and launch his own bakehouse. Beyond offering an authentic taste of Parisian delights to Cairenes, Eby’s Bakehouse brings refined services and solutions for those who appreciate the artistry of fine craftsmanship. “Think of us as a guiding hand, accompanying you in every step towards growth, all while indulging in the pleasure of eating,” El Ebairy explains. 

Dubbed after Youssef’s nickname ‘Eby’, from his surname El Ebiary, Eby’s Bakehouse offers a wide range of services and exclusive catering packages for dinners, weddings, and events. To Youssef, his bakehouse acts as a vessel for his passion for the artistry of baking and an embodiment of his own personal philosophy. Inspired by Princess Diana’s quote, “I lead from the heart, not the head,” the chef fully adheres to it in his work at the bakehouse.

“Food is an emotional and intimate experience shared from the hands of its craftsmen to the mouths and hearts of its recipients. Our bakehouse fully embodies this, as you’ll find within each of our products, layers of discipline, passion and most definitely, a handful of love,” El Ebairy says. “Our pastries, or as we call them ‘Indulgence made from the heart’, can be customised and adjusted to cater to the likings of those who live to indulge”

With the rich taste of the bakehouse’s pungent praline chocolate ganache still lingering on my lips, I couldn’t help but ask Youssef about the source of his ingredients. “I got my hands on a variety of the finest chocolates with a silky-smooth texture that always adds a certain kick to any pastry or dessert it’s in. The main ingredients in most of my products simply revolve around chocolate and vanilla,” El Ebairy reveals to SceneEats. “Because I always believe in the importance of utilising high-quality ingredients in all of my recipes, I get freshly sourced vanilla pods and make in-house powder, paste, and extract.”

As an online-based operational entity, the ghost bakehouse is constantly on expenditure for creation and experimentation with autonomous free will, which earned them a loyal customer base in Cairo for their attention to detail and commitment to quality in their services. With each succulent bite into their flaky croissants or heavenly cakes, you will be transported to the streets of Paris, where the aroma of freshly baked pastries fills the air – a testament to the skill, dedication and passion that the bakehouse pours into its delicacies.

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