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Education Matters: UA Little Rock art students experience Paris, France

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – It was the trip of a lifetime for UA Little Rock art majors as they hopped on a plane and went to Paris, France this summer.

Paris France is referred to by many as the world’s number one art site, and after taking the trip in late May,  UA Little Rock students see why.

From an artistic angle I couldn’t say no, said art student Sunny Jenkins. 

13 students were able to sightsee, go to museums, cemeteries and more.

Every step of the way in Paris they had their art tools with them to draw.

Kristi Pruett said the trip enabled her “to get out and see art in a different way.”

Krista Schoening, UA Little Rock’s Assistant professor of painting tagged along and is beyond happy her students were able to have the experience. 

Achieving says she “learned a lot through them just seeing their observations. The things they paid attention to were really interesting.”

Student, Gabrielle Vernor says everything in Paris is art. 
“You could sit down and draw anything anywhere and it’s going to be beautiful,” said Vernor. 

From an artist’s point of view, you could feel the art in the Paris air.

“Everything around you when you walk through that city has been carefully considered. You get this feeling that everything is seen through the lens of art and design,” said Schoening. 

Being in a city where the culture is so rich made the students feel right at home. 

“To actually see it in person was honestly the best experience an artist could go through,” said Vernor. 

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