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Enga festival to showcase sacred dying ritual and salt making – Post Courier

THE most sacred dying ritual ceremony will be performed for the fourth time in Laiagam, Enga Province.

The Sangai Festival will be held on July 27 – 28 at Wanepap Primary School grounds in the Pilikambi Local Level Government.

Festival chairman Tony Sulupin said on Wednesday that the 4th Sangai Festival is proudly sponsored by Laigap District Development Authority, PNG Tourism Promotion Authority, and the National Cultural Commission.

Mr Sulupin said the sacred Sangai Festival will be held concurrently with the first traditional salt show. He said these important cultural events and technology were passed down from generations, but after the arrival of missionaries, explorers and tribal fights, it gradually died out, adding that Sangai was one of the secret ritual’s of Enga, where it prepared young bachelors to become men.

Mr Sulupin said the ritual associated with magic spells were kept by young bachelors to maintain their purity from moral blemishes. He said that the young men at the age of 18 were initiated in the bush for five days, going through some ritual tests before showcasing on the sixth day for their girlfriends to choose them as their future husbands.

“Our traditional technology of salt making and ritual died long time ago because of many factors like new technology, Christianity and others.”

“My committee and I worked tirelessly over the years to revive Sangai Festival three years ago. This year, we want to hold Sangai Festival together with the first traditional salt making show.”

Mr Sulupin said that these beautiful cultures and traditions are slowly dying out because the young generation are too ignorant.

“It’s our identity, we, the festival committee with the support from concerned government agencies, we are bringing this dying culture back to life again,” he said.

For further information on the festival, Mr Sulupin can be contacted on, Ph 79232698 or email: tonysulupin@gmail.com.

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