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Fact Check: Old Turkey video FALSELY shared as Muslim man in Kerala bathing in milk sold to

A video making the rounds on social media shows a man seemingly taking a bath at a factory. The man can be seen lying in a small tub, scooping white liquid with a mug and pouring it over his head.

Those sharing the clip, claimed that this was a Muslim man bathing in milk before distributing it to Hindus to make it “Halal”. The text inside the video read: “Muslim man takes bath in milk. He wants to make it Halal. Kerala.”

One person shared a screenshot of the video on Facebook, writing, “They wanted to feed this milk to Hindus. I am not trying to advertise but when I am in India I buy only Amul because they don’t feed non-veg to cows and such adulteration will not happen.” The archive of a similar post can be seen here.

India Today Fact Check found that the video has nothing to do with Kerala or India. It’s a 2020 video from Turkey.

Our Probe

Reverse searching keyframes from the viral video led us to several media reports about this incident. According to a report by Turkish news channel TRT Haber, this incident took place in Konya, a city in Turkey. Emre Sayar, who worked at a dairy plant in Konya, was reportedly arrested for taking a bath in milk. Another worker from the plant, Ugur Turgut, who shared the video on social media on November 6, 2020, was arrested alongside Sayar. A fine was reportedly imposed on the dairy plant for violating hygiene requirements, and its license was subsequently revoked.

The two men were reportedly imprisoned for six days. However, they stated that the liquid in which they bathed was not milk and the tub was a disinfectant basin. The court acquitted both defendants in October 2021, following which Sayar filed a lawsuit, demanding 120,000 liras in compensation. Sayar won the case but the court in Konya ordered that he should only be paid 1,150 liras.

It is thus clear that a video of a 2020 incident from Turkey was falsely shared with a communal spin.

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Apr 11, 2024

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