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Families in LA unable to contact loved ones in Mexico amid Hurricane Otis

Hurricane Otis brought a Category Five storm into Mexico on Tuesday, devastating homes and businesses in impacted regions and leaving families scrambling to reach their loved ones.

The Princess Resort is among the many businesses in Acapulco affected by the storm. Nearly all of its floors were damaged by the high winds and heavy rains. 

“The only thing I asked for was another opportunity to live,” a Princess Resort guest said. The resort offered itself as a place of shelter and many guests took cover in their closets as the winds tore through windows and ceilings. 

Others, sadly, were not so fortunate. Many family members in Los Angeles with loved ones in Mexico know little to nothing about their well-being.

“All of this is ugly. There is no communication, no lights or internet, we don’t know anything about our families,” Rocio Gutierrez said. 

Gutierrez, an employee at Restaurant Guerrero in Los Angeles, has family in Guerrero. Like her, many people have found it difficult to get in contact with family members. Landlines and Wi-Fi connections did not withstand the hurricane’s landfall, confirmed the Mexican President. 

Nevertheless, some family members managed to hear from their loved ones. Primitivo Martinez is among the fortunate. He has family in Los Tamarindos, south of Acapulco.

“I spoke with my brother and he told me it was very [horrible],” Martinez said. 

There is still no knowledge about the casualties left by Hurricane Otis as Mexican officials try to aid first responders and restore power lines.  

“[My family] is nervous and we pray that everything is good,” Gutierrez said.

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