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First-timers, find The Great Los Angeles Walk answers you need now

What to Know

  • The Great Los Angeles Walk
  • Saturday, Nov. 18 at 9 a.m. (please arrive early; the walk leaves promptly at 9)
  • Meet at the Griffith Park bear statue; the 15-mile walk will form a large “square,” heading south, then west, then north again through several neighborhoods

Going for a short gadabout in your neighborhood? You likely know your route well, from the shops you might pass to the names of your neighbors’ dogs to all of the interesting points of interest, be they a pretty tree, mural, or Little Free Library.

But a far longer gadabout — say, one that’s around 15 miles — requires some forethought and planning, even if you’ll be with a larger group of urban explorers.

And that just happens to be the impressive length of the upcoming Great Los Angeles Walk, which will once again set out on the streets of Southern California on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

It’s free to join, as it has been for the last 18 years, and participants are welcome to cover any or all of the route, keeping in mind that transportation to and from the start/end points will need to be considered.

Mike Schneider, the founder of The Great Los Angeles Walk, has shared some commonly asked questions, along with the answers, on social media.

Around 300 people are expected to join the Nov. 18, 2023 event, which begins at the beloved bear statue in Griffith Park. There’s a “pep talk” just ahead of the 9 a.m. start, so arriving at the meeting place well ahead of that early hour is a must.

The full map, which is sort of a sizable square — you might even call it slightly Arizona-ish in shape — is available, along with the mostly north-south route (a first for The Great Los Angeles Walk, which has traditionally followed east-west pathways, from DTLA to the ocean).

What to wear, what to expect, and info on the group photo — it will happen at the end of the event, back at Griffith Park — are also explained in delightful detail.

When asked why he puts this together, Mr. Schneider joyfully answered “Why not? There’s no special reason, no charity, no protest, no issue we’re promoting — other than a passion for Los Angeles.”

In a season that can often be associated with obligations, there is something rather free about The Great Los Angeles Walk, beyond its fee-free entry. Or rather “freeing”: You can experience your city by the sides of other curious strangers, keeping to your own wandering daydreams or chatting with new friends along the way.

For the entire summary of this SoCal-championing charmer, a nice November tradition that continues to shine bright in the season of shorter days, visit the questions-answered page now.

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