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France, Armenia sign agreement on acquisition of weapons?

The situation at Armenia’s border with Azerbaijan is relatively stable, Armenian Deputy Defense Minister Arman Sargsyan told reporters Monday.

Referring to the current visit by the Armenian Minister of Defense to France, Sargsyan said that the Ministry of Defense of Armenia will issue a statement in that regard.

To the question whether France and Armenia have signed an agreement on the purchase of French weapons, the Armenian deputy defense minister responded: “Relevant information will be provided regarding the results of the discussions within the framework of the visit of the Minister of Defense to France.”

And as for whether the current Turkish-Azerbaijani military exercises—which are held in Azerbaijani-occupied Nagorno-Karabakh as well—are a threat to Armenia, Arman Sargsyan said: “You see that we don’t hide any information. No matter what happens, we will inform about everything regularly.”

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