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France Records 33 Days of Heatwaves in Summer: Meteo-France

According to Meteo-France, three periods of heatwaves reached France this summer, June 15-19, July 12-25, and July 31 to August 13.

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The month of July was exceptionally “dry and sunny,” Meteo-France said, adding that the shortage of rainfall and high temperatures caused record drying of surface soils from mid-July to mid-August.
The meteorological agency said temperatures remained above normal for most of the summer. On July 18, an absolute record of 37.6 degrees Celcius was reached.
The average temperature of this summer in France stood at close to 23 degrees Celcius, higher than normal temperature by 2.3 degrees Celcius, placing this summer as the second hottest summer over the period 1900-2022, after the summer in 2003.

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