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Germany Legalizes Personal Cannabis Use with Conditions – Odisha Bhaskar English

The German parliament on Friday voted to legalize the possession and controlled cultivation of cannabis from April. This move of the German parliament was criticized by the opposition and medical associations.

Under the new law, anyone in Germany can obtain up to 25 grams of the drug per day for personal use through regulated cannabis cultivation associations. However, there is also a limit of 50 grams per month.

Added to it, German citizens will be allowed to grow up to three cannabis plants at home.

However, possession and use of cannabis will be prohibited for anyone under 18.

This could have serious consequences for young people’s physical and mental health, he said.

In their coalition agreement, Scholz’s Social Democrats, the Greens and the liberal FDP had pledged to allow cannabis to be sold in shops, a move that was slapped down by the EU.

They are now planning a second law to trial the drug’s sale in shops in certain regions.

Until now, German law banned the private recreational use of cannabis. According to a YouGov poll published Friday, 47 per cent of German citizens are in favour of the cannabis plans of the government while 42 per cent are against it.

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