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Germany urges importers to reject Russian LNG | Montel News

(Montel) Germany expects the country’s LNG importers to abstain from Russian deliveries amid efforts to become independent from Kremlin-controlled supply, an economy ministry spokeswoman in Berlin told Montel this week.

“The German government assumes that no Russian LNG will be regasified at German LNG terminals in the next few years,” said Susanne Ungrad.

“We assume this because the companies have told us so. This goes both for state-owned [LNG terminals] and private ones.” 

Still, the ministry noted that it was impossible to rule out that “minimal” amounts might be making into the country. 

It could be mixed in amid pipeline gas from other countries shipping from eastern Europe. 

Nor can it be ruled out that LNG coming from other countries that still received Russian gas and then ship onwards to Germany had not mixed in fuel, said Ungrad.

Neighbouring Belgium and France, for instance, were among those countries receiving the bulk of Russia imports of the chilled fuel to the EU, with the nation being the region’s second biggest supplier for now. 

Threat to unity?

Ongoing imports could present a threat to “European unity”, given the breakdown of relations between the West and Moscow over the Ukraine war and Russia’s recent history of trying to weaponise energy, Ben McWilliams, who analyses energy for the Bruegel think tank, told Montel.

It was also “very tricky” to define the origins of gas, meaning researchers were left to “make assumptions”.

A recent Montel investigation, for instance, found increasing evidence that Turkey was flouting a ban on Russian biomass by relabelling it and exporting it within the EU.

And although the bloc has not banned LNG from Russia, despite a slew of sanctions on Moscow for its ongoing war, the topic is politically charged, especially since Russia cut off piped gas supplies to western Europe last year. 

The German government has chartered as many as five floating storage and regasification units (FSRUs) to build up LNG import capacities from scratch under the roof of the state-owned Deutsche Energy Terminal company, while utilities RWE, Uniper, ENBW and its subsidiary VNG use the capacities.


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