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Google Maps adds a slew of new features to make navigation better

Last updated: November 17th, 2023 at 07:45 UTC+01:00

The most popular navigation app, Google Maps, is getting some new features that will elevate your navigation experience. Notably, Google Maps is getting improved transit directions, emoji reactions, and collaborative lists. All these new features have been added to Google Maps, so users can get around places much more easily and conveniently in the upcoming holiday season.

Google Maps is getting an improved transit directions feature that will recommend you different routes depending on what you want. You get new options, such as the best routes, fewer transfers, less walking, wheelchair accessibility, and the lowest cost. Google Maps will also show you the correct station entrance and exit so that you do not board the wrong train.

These new features make moving around your favorite places much easier with Google Maps

Transit directions in Google Maps is also getting the option to show biking and ride-sharing options. Moreover, people in a certain city can purchase transit passes through the app itself. Another great feature that Google Maps is getting is collaborative lists. Using Google Maps collaborative lists, users can create a shared list where they and their friends can vote on certain destinations with emojis and decide where to visit next based on the votes. The lists can be shared with friends or family members through text or other messaging apps.

Emojis are getting more useful as you can now react to user photos and reviews using them from Google Emoji’s Kitchen. As noted in the official blog, some of the new features, such as emoji reactions, are rolling out for Android and iOS, while others, including new transit updates and collaborative lists, will come out in the coming weeks.

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