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Groom wears Apple Vision Pro on his wedding day as wife is creeped out: ‘Her face says it

A California software engineer infuriated his new wife when he sported his Apple Vision Pro headset during their wedding day.

Jacob Wright, a tech engineer for a start-up AI company, wore the $3,500 headset alongside his elegant bride, Cambree, in front of a scenic Utah mountain range as the couple celebrated their nuptials on Feb. 10.

In the couple’s wedding photos, Cambree Wright shot a disgusted look as she held her flower bouquet while the tech worker was seemingly in his world.

“I try not to look because it’s a little creepy, it’s a little uncanny,” Cambree said to SFGATE. “When he’s in the Apple Vision Pro, I let him do his thing.”

The Apple Vision Pro is a virtual reality headset that can display digital content within a person’s physical space.

Jacob Wright extends his hand out to seemingly use a control panel on his Apple Vision Pro headset, while his wife looks in disgust. @jason, /X

When wearing the Apple headset, a user can navigate by using their voice, hands, and of course, eyes.

At one point, Cambree said she had to guard Wright’s headset during the photoshoot because she was afraid Wright would try to wear it during the actual wedding ceremony.

Cambree says she tries not to look at Wright when he has on the headset because it’s “creepy and “a little uncanny.” @jason, /X

Wright, who bought the headset days after it was released, desperately asked Cambree if he could wear it during their ceremony.

She struck down his request – only allowing him to wear it at the reception.

“He’s like, ‘Hey baby, can we get pictures with the Apple Vision Pro?’” Cambree recalled.

“He probably asked me two or three times. I was like, ‘No, no, no, we have to wait, we have to wait.’ And then I turn around one minute and he has it on,” she added.

Jacob Wright dances at the reception with his bride — and his headset. @jahvascript / X

Jacob Wright then hit the dancefloor fully equipped with the white, 2-pound headset strapped to his face.

“I have a video of me there with all the bridesmaids, all the groomsmen — everyone who came to the ceremony,” he told Futurism. “I think that’ll be super awesome to show our kids in 20 years,”

The Apple Vision Pro is a virtual reality headset that displays digital content within a person’s physical space. Erik Pendzich/Shutterstock

Wright faced intense backlash over his decision to wear the headset during his special day.

“What’s the return policy on Husbands?” one person joked on X.

“The divorce papers are already happening,” another jokester commented.

“Her face says it all,” a third person said, referring to Cambree’s expression.

“Just finishing the Pre Nup… real quick and we should be good… And done. Yes, I Do!,” someone said, referring to Wright’s hand placement in the wedding photo.

Since its release last month, the Apple Vision Pro has gained fast traction in the tech world, but not necessarily for the right reasons.

Last week, San Diego police issued a warning after catching a pedestrian crossing the street with the headset strapped to his face.

Footage showed the person crossing the street while they seemingly accessed a virtual menu by using their hands, as a police officer was arresting another person on the corner.


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