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Gym owner stands as London mayoral candidate – BBC News

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Andreas Michli says he wants to get Londoners fitter

Health and fitness entrepreneur Andreas Michli has announced his candidacy for the 2024 London mayoral elections.

The independent candidate says he was driven to run in the election after he was “radicalised by lockdown”.

Mr Michli was fined for attempting to keep his north London gym open during lockdown, but this was overturned in court.

The mayoral election will take place on 2 May.

The 37-year-old Londoner told the BBC that he disagreed with lockdown rules and the “raft of deeply unpopular policies being foisted upon the population” such as the expansion of Ulez and Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs).

He said that if elected he would abolish Ulez, LTNs and halt net-zero targets.

The mayoral candidates for the Conservative Party and Reform UK also say they will reverse the expansion of Ulez if elected.

Who are the mayoral candidates?

  • Rob Blackie, Liberal Democrats
  • Natalie Campbell, Independent
  • Howard Cox, Independent
  • Zoe Garbett, Green Party
  • Susan Hall, Conservative Party
  • Sadiq Khan, Labour Party

Other policies put forward by Mr Michli include increasing the “professionalisation for the Metropolitan Police, with a focus on improving officers’ physical fitness and martial skills”.

Asked about his policies, Mr Michli said he was standing on a platform that focused on health, telling the BBC: “My health policies are an excellent reflection of my approach to politics: rather than patronisingly telling people to get fit and eat well, I want the mayor’s office to provide practical support such as free gym membership and healthy eating plans for every citizen.

“The overarching theme to my campaign is responsibility, and this is reflected throughout my platform, whether it’s for the Met to be accountable to the communities they serve, or for the mayor to consult with Londoners about any new policy that will affect their lives,” Mr Michli added.

The mayoral elections take place on 2 May.

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