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​​​​​​​Habib calls on Damascus to liberate occupied lands instead of rapprochement with

 The Damascus government had stipulated that Turkey end its occupation of northern Syria, and stop its support and financing of mercenary groups, before talking about any rapprochement with Ankara.

 The Turkish occupation government is seeking to normalize its relations with the Damascus government with the support of Russia, but at the expense of the peoples of the region, especially against the Autonomous Administration project.

 In this regard, the co-chair of the Legislative Council for the Democratic Autonomous Administration in the Jazira region, Hikmat Habib, said: “It has been reported in the recent period about a rapprochement between the Syrian government and the government of the Justice and Development Party after several security meetings. Communications have basically not been interrupted between the regime in Damascus and Turkey, especially on the security forces side, where several meetings took place between them over a long period, these meetings crystallized in a public, clear and explicit way that there will be a re-relations between the two parties, and this comes in the interest of the central regimes that meet and gather the authority and in order to start directly to fight the project of the AA in the north and east  and Syria.”

 The Syrian-Turkish rapprochement will plunge the country into new conflicts

Regarding the beneficiary and loser of this rapprochement, Habib explained that the rapprochement came after Russian-Turkish understandings that were reflected through mediation into a rapprochement between the Damascus government and the Turkish occupation state at the expense of the Syrian people and the occupied Syrian territories, where Turkey occupies large areas, which in fact will have negative repercussions and therefore  the country entered into new conflicts.

 We reject such rapprochements with an occupied country

 Habib noted that most of the Syrian regions are robbed of their will because of the Turkish occupation in different regions and the security authority in Damascus, “We in the Autonomous Administration in north and east Syria reject such approaches, especially since Turkey is an occupying country. Communication with Turkey is no less than communication with Israel.”  The Syrian government also claims that Israel occupies the Golan.

 There will be a revolution

 Habib pointed out that Turkey occupies large areas from Azaz and Jarabulus to Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Tal Abyad, and said: “This matter for the Syrian people is completely unacceptable. I believe that there will be a revolution, because the government of Justice and Development used such rapprochement with the Syrian government and in coordination with  the Russians. They are in a hurry to restore relations for the upcoming Turkish elections.”

 In 1998, the government of Damascus and the Turkish occupation state signed the “Adana Agreement”, as Turkey uses this agreement as a pretext for the occupation of Syrian lands.

 The Damascus government can invalidate this outdated agreement with Turkey in light of its continued talk about protecting Syrian sovereignty, but Turkey, since 2016, has violated the sanctity of Syrian territory several times and occupied a number of Syrian cities through agreements with countries at the expense of the Syrians. It did not move  Damascus government silent to defend the country’s borders.

 About this, Hikmat Habib says, “When we talk about the national situation in these circumstances, especially since the government in Damascus government claims that it preserves the unity of the Syrian territories, and its repeated accusations are directed at northern and eastern Syria that there is a separatist project and the national situation is in danger.”

How can the authority of Damascus put its hand in the hands of an occupied country?

 Habib refuted the Damascus government’s accusations of the existing project in northern and eastern Syria, and pointed out that this project is a real national project and rapprochement with Turkey is against the national interest, especially since Turkey occupies large areas of the country, wondering: “How can the authority of Damascus put its hand in the hands of an occupied country and has contributed since  The beginning of the Syrian crisis opened its borders to terrorists, supported terrorist organizations, especially ISIS, and destabilized security and stability in Syria, and the authority in Damascus knows this and is building new relations with Turkey today!”

 ‘It would have been more useful for the Damascus government, which claims patriotism, to liberate the occupied territories’

 Habib added: “When they talk and the authority in Damascus talks about patriotism, protecting the borders and liberating the occupied lands are the basics of patriotism. The Syrian government, which claims patriotism, was supposed to announce the general mobilization for the liberation of the occupied lands, and when Turkey withdraws and the Turkish occupation ends, we do not exist.  We have enmity with the Turkish people, and there may be good-neighborly relations, but the central regimes have one goal, which is to strike democratic projects and their continuation in rule.”

 Turkey traded in the Syrian issue

 On the destructive role played by Turkey in the Syrian crisis, Hikmat Habib pointed out that the Turkish regime, since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, has been claiming friendship with the Syrian people, and added, “But Turkey is the one who destroyed Syria, bringing terrorists from all over the world and trading in the Syrian cause for the interests of the Justice and Development government.  It traded in Syrian refugees and made them a pressure card to blackmail Europe in order to drain Europe, and received a lot of money from the European Union on the pretext that there were refugees, it even traded with the opposition that threw itself into the bosom of the Turkish state.

These movements offend the Syrian national situation

 Habib addressed Damascus, saying: “Such cases and movements harm the Syrian national situation, especially in light of these circumstances. The destruction that Turkey caused to Syria is a great destruction, the demographic change that occurred in Afrin and other areas, and support for terrorist groups. When we talk about the Syrian dialogue, we must  talk within the national framework, and such rapprochements delay dialogue between Syrians.”

 ‘Damascus must recalculate’

 Habib called on the Damascus government to reconsider its calculations, and said: “The Turkish state is a rogue state against international laws and norms. It will use such approaches to its advantage, away from the interests of the Syrian people.”

 ‘Damascus is counting on time and the use of excessive force’

 On the insistence of the Damascus government to impose its hegemony and authority on Syria, Hikmat Habib stressed that the Damascus government has not yet acknowledged the existence of a structural crisis in Syria despite the destruction.  Interfering countries such as Russia and Iran, and their rapprochement with Turkey comes in light of that.

 Why does the Damascus government evade dialogue with the Syrians?

 On the reason for the Damascus government’s evasion of dialogue with the Syrians to resolve the Syrian crisis without external interference, Habib reiterated that the authority in Damascus is not serious about dialogue with the national forces and with all Syrians, especially the democratic Autonomous Administration project because it is an advanced democratic project.

 Habib stressed that the Damascus government does not want to have a partner in the national solution because it wants to keep the central system, it does not seek a democratic system, and on this basis it has no seriousness, it wants to return Syria to before 2011.

 The co-chair of the Legislative Council of the Democratic Autonomous Administration in the Jazira region explained that, “Despite the good intentions offered by the people of north and east Syria by defending and liberating the region, understandings occurred between the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Syrian army in order to protect the borders, but the Syrian state did not reach  It is still convinced of the democratic solution and wants Syria to return to before 2011.”



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