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Harry Styles’ Pleasing Will Debut Its First-Ever Collaboration at Paris Fashion Week

Harry Styles‘ eclectic beauty brand Pleasing just announced its first-ever partnership, with Brazilian-born, Paris-based fashion designer Marco Ribeiro.

With a focus on intense pigments, the collaboration marks Pleasing’s first move into the world of make-up and consists of a powder palette, cream pigments, a multi-purpose gloss and five new shades of nail polish. The Pressed Powder Pigments palette is made up of eight wet-to-dry colors in warm and cool shades. The Universal Cream Pigments box comes complete with three hues of intense creams, with each shade working perfectly alone or mixed together for ultimate versatility.

The new shades of Pleasing’s signature biodegradable nail polish take cues from Riberio’s colorful aesthetic, with each hue named in his native Portuguese: Aura Laranja Gelatina, Oceano Água Marinha Cremoso, Crème Polish Cítrico Vibrante Cremoso, Borgonha Açaí Cremoso and Incrível Marrom Fosco. Accompanying the polish is a set of translucent decals and stickers for added customization. Rounding out the make-up offering is the Gloss Medium, a high shine gloss for eyes, lips and skin that pairs perfectly with the color cosmetics.

Tapping into the designer’s fashion expertise, the Pleasing x Marco Ribeiro collaboration also comes complete with a limited-edition run of apparel in the form of two logo hoodies.

The Pleasing x Marco Ribeiro collaboration will debut at the designer’s Paris Fashion Week presentation on September 29 and will be available for purchase from the Pleasing website the same day.

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