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How Google Stores will mark the company’s 25th birthday

For the past few years, international Google Stores have celebrated the company’s founding with hardware discounts and that’s set to continue for the 25th birthday.

Google was incorporated on September 4, 1998, though it has long celebrated the occasion on September 27 instead. That’s typically when the Google Store birthday discounts start in Asia and Europe. Historically, the US Google Store does not partake with Black Friday being the bigger moment.

Google Store Japan

This year, the Google Store’s 25th birthday celebrations are kicking off rather early. Google Store Japan revealed today how the anniversary campaign will start on August 8 and end August 22. In Japan, the following products will be discounted by 25%:

  • Pixel 7 & 7 Pro
  • Pixel 7a
  • Pixel Tablet
  • Pixel Buds A-Series
  • Pixel Buds Pro
  • Pixel Watch Bluetooth/Wi-Fi & 4G LTE
  • Nest Hub 2nd Gen
  • Chromecast with Google TV HD & 4L
  • Nest Wifi routers and points
  • Nest Cam (wired)
  • Nest Cam (battery)

Additionally, the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, as well as the Pixel Tablet, come with store credit for future purchases. All phone trade-ins, including with the 7a, see boosted values and a Google 25th anniversary limited tote bag. It depicts “25 years of Google’s culture and mission.”

For those not buying anything, there will be a 25th anniversary original smartphone wallpaper starting August 8 that illustrates everything from Cardboard and bikes to Dooglers and the Noogler hat (as seen in the cover image above).

It remains to be seen what other markets will do, but it should be a similar 25% discount on certain Google products. Hopefully, the tote bag will come to other markets as well. The rest of the company will presumably do other things to observe the big occasion.

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