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How Moroccan raspberries overcome French consumers’ patriotism and conquers France’s market

According to EastFruit, Morocco set a new record for exporting fresh raspberries to France, a country known for its preference for local products, based on the results of the 2022/23 season. Moreover, Moroccan producers were the main contributors to the overall growth of fresh raspberry imports in France.


During the MY 2022/23 (July-June), Moroccan exporters sold more than 6,000 tons of fresh raspberries to French importers, a 20% increase from the previous season. Compared to the 2020/21 season, Morocco’s raspberry exports have almost tripled!

The surge in fresh raspberry supplies from Morocco was the primary reason for the overall rise in imports of this product in France. By the end of the 2022/23 season, French importers bought over 24,000 tons of fresh raspberries from foreign markets, and Morocco maintained its position as the second largest supplier with nearly a quarter of the market share!

It is worth noting that France, which is famous for its patriotic consumers and government programs to boost consumption of local products, is a net importer of fresh raspberries. During the 2022/23 season, only 7,300 tons of this berry were exported from France.


France also imports raspberries during the peak of the local berry season, and monthly import volumes are at least 1,200 tons. The main supplier of raspberries to the French market is Spain, which offers its own or re-exported raspberries throughout the year, although supply volumes drop significantly in July-September.


Other major suppliers include Portugal, the Netherlands and Belgium, which also provide the French market with raspberries all year round. Smaller exporting countries include Poland, Cyprus, Germany, Serbia, Mexico, etc.


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It should be mentioned that Morocco started the new 2023/24 season with a slightly lower export volume: in July-September of this year, 990 tons of fresh raspberries were exported from the country, which was the lowest amount for this period in the last six years. By the way, in the first three months of the season, only 70 tons of fresh raspberries were delivered to France, compared to 250 tons a year earlier.


The main reason for the decline in supplies was the reduced interest of farmers in growing raspberries after the previous season, which was quite challenging in terms of prices, especially in the first half. By the way, this, as well as the further negative weather conditions in the country in October of this year, could possibly cause the exports of fresh raspberries from Morocco to temporarily stop or slow down significantly.


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