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​​​​​​​HPG: Armenia handed over our comrades Hank and Ali Shir to Turkey – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

The Media Center of the People’s Defense Forces (HPG) issued today, Saturday; Written statement regarding Armenia’s handover of its fighters Henk and Ali Shir to Turkey.

It was stated in its text:

 “During the month of August 2021, while our comrades Hank and Ali Sher were at the head of their duties near the Armenian border, they encountered the forces of the Armenian state. Our comrades acted with caution and sensitivity to avoid any negative situation, but then our comrades were arrested, cases were opened against them, and they fought legally until on February 23, the Armenian Court of Cassation ruled for their release, and instead of releasing them according to international law and Armenian laws, they were kidnapped by Armenian intelligence.

As a result of the efforts made; The release of our comrades has been pledged; However, a month ago, the Armenian state handed over our comrades Henk and Ali Shir to Turkey.

With this incident; The Armenian state has violated both international laws and its official law as well. Armenia has handed over our two comrades who are two Kurdistan revolutionaries who struggle to defend the existence of their people and achieve freedom and who feel the pain of all oppressed peoples; This is a great shame for the Turkish state. Our two companions fell into the hands of the Turkish state in this way. However, the Turkish state’s private war media showed this incident as a successful operation of the Turkish intelligence service.

In our statement issued on the 14th of this September, we revealed that the two individuals named Khatib and Arya had fallen into the hands of the Iraqi state after they betrayed our movement and were handed over to the Turkish state as a result of interests.

In order for the Turkish intelligence service to rehabilitate it, it presents the capabilities of the Turkish state to the various forces and seeks to achieve some results in front of our movement and presents this matter as a victory for them. It is very clear that these stories of victory are being prepared on the tables with fake and not true scenarios. The people of Kurdistan and Turkey should know these lies of the Turkish intelligence service.”

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