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Huge direct payment of $1,801 goes out in weeks – see full schedule

Cutting costs: minimizing takeout

Ordering take-out can be expensive – especially if you do it every day and pay unnecessary delivery fees through delivery apps.

You can avoid this by preparing food at home and eating leftovers for lunch during the week.

According to personal finance website Money Under 30, you save up to $1,000 annually by eating leftovers. 

Also, a study from Forbes in 2018 found that consumers spend five times more on food delivery when compared to cooking at home.

You can cut your grocery bill by buying non-prepared foods, using apps, as well as getting cash back on credit cards and coupons.

Cutting costs: fuel

According to the AAA, gas prices are now at a seven-year high, with the national average (for regular) sitting at $4.98.

Some ways you can keep your gas prices under control are by ensuring your tires are properly inflated, driving smoothly on roads, and cutting back on mileage.

You can also manage costs by avoiding sitting stationary in park with the car running and watching your speed.

Cutting costs: heating

Although heating costs can rise in the triple digits for some if inflation worsens in the winter – there are a few things you can do to keep expenses under control.

Paul Rhoads, vice president of EnergyPricing, recommends doing these three things to lower your gas bill:

  • Shut off appliances when they are not being used
  • Turn off heat when not home
  • Reduce time in the shower to conserve hot water heating

How to access Social Security forms

Any forms that you may need to access, such as a Social Security card application, a child disability report, or a voluntary withholding request, are available on SSA.gov.

All of the forms are completely free.

You can call at 1-800-772-1213 or contact your local Social Security office if you can’t find the form you need or if you need assistance completing one.

You should send or deliver a paper form to your local Social Security office or the office that requested it if you downloaded, printed, and completed one.

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