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Iceland volcano: Evacuation zone ‘still dangerous’ as eruption imminent – live

Huge cracks appear on roads in Icelandic town at risk of volcanic eruption

The evacuation zone in Iceland is “still dangerous”, a civil protection official has told The Independent, with current conditions leaving just a few minutes’ warning of a feared volcano eruption.

A fortnight since Grindavik was evacuated, after magma-induced seismic activity tore vast chasms through the streets of the town, officials are expected to lower the threat level in the area on Thursday – enabling residents to return for longer periods to collect their valuables.

Speaking to The Independent as international media were allowed back into the town for the first time, one civil defence official said: “It is still dangerous here … I have never seen anything like it before. Usually we will have a few minutes warning to get out but with the weather like it is today we have even less.”

In addition to fears of weather hampering monitoring systems, civil protection chief Vídir Reynisson told Fox News: “The challenge that we have is that we will not see any strong evidence that the magma is coming up, we will see some small earthquakes and we can see how they will probably form in one place rather than another.”


ICYMI: Inside the abandoned Iceland town left in limbo by a volcano

But the volunteer rescue forces posted on guard duty in battering 32mph winds have to follow the strict instructions of Iceland’s tourist minister. There is a lot of high-speed arguing in Icelandic, and eventually we pass through.

Barney Davis reports from Grindavik:

Matt Mathers24 November 2023 08:35


Businesses operating in Grindavik to receive housing assistance

Companies and businesses operating in the small fishing town of Grindavik would be able to request assistance in finding housing.

Companies are urged to register information related to their business on the website island.is/grindavik.

They have been asked to fill in the minimum requirement in square metres and the “number of employees at the company that need work facilities on the premises”.

Alexander Butler24 November 2023 06:01


Iceland residents fleeing imminent volcanic eruption told they face months away from home

At a Civil Defence briefing last week, director Víðir Reynisson said there was significant damage to houses and pipes in the evacuated town of Grindavik, my colleague Athena Stavrou reports.

The fishing town has been the most affected area in Iceland, as the magma tunnel snakes beneath the ground leaving huge cracks in roads.

While the eruption is most likely to happen in Hagafell, there is a possibility that it could happen anywhere along the magma tunnel.

Mr Reynisson said: “This plus uncertainty about earthquakes means that residents have to prepare to live elsewhere in the coming months.”

Locals have been permitted to briefly enter their homes for five minutes this week to collect their valuables and pets but need prior authorisation.

Alexander Butler24 November 2023 05:01


Owners of over 100 properties allowed to enter Grindavik briefly

The owners of more than 100 properties were allowed to enter Grindavik briefly to collect their belongings that were left behind during the evacuation last week.

Nearly 4,000 residents of the small fishing town were evacuated after a swarm of earthquakes triggered a volcano eruption warning.

All the residents were asked to arrive at a meeting point outside Grindavik, following which they were escorted into the town and back by security personnel.

Alexander Butler24 November 2023 04:01


Iceland volcano could erupt like a ‘can of fizzy drink’

A volcano close to erupting in Iceland could explode like a “can of fizzy drink,” an expert has said.

Iceland’s Met Office has said magmatic gas has been detected at a borehole in Svartsengi, signalling an imminent eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcano over the coming days, with the town of Grindavik most at risk.

The small fishing town has already been evacuated following thousands of mini earthquakes across the Reykjanes peninsula, southwest Iceland, over the past week.

Alexander Butler24 November 2023 03:01


When will the Iceland volcano erupt and what happens when it does?

As an imminent eruption looms thousands of Iceland residents await their fate as their town could be wiped out within days.

Thousands of earthquakes rocked the southwestern peninsula of Reykjanes on Saturday 11 November leading semi-molten rock to ravage below the surface as the tremors caused a 15km long dyke to form, cracking the community in two as the ground was pushed upwards.

Some 3,400 residents from the town of Grindavik which lies on the path of the expected fissure vent eruption were forced to evacuate, they described the ‘apocalyptic’ scenes of their much-loved home town as they briefly returned to collect their belongings.

Alexander Butler24 November 2023 02:01


Is it safe to travel to Iceland? Your rights if you have a holiday booked

The earth is at its most restless in Iceland right now. The Reykjanes peninsula, southwest of Reykjavik, is seething with seismic activity sparking hundreds of small earthquakes.

The town of Grindavík, just 10 miles south of Keflavik International Airport, has been evacuated as a precaution.

Yet flights are continuing to arrive and depart as normal. These are the key questions and answers on consumer rights.

Alexander Butler24 November 2023 01:01


Icelandic authorities consider plan to pump water on to lava if volcano erupts

Icelandic authorities are considering a plan to pump water on to lava in the event of a volcanic eruption that has been looming over the town of Grindavík for several weeks.

Authorities would use the water to cool and divert the flow of lava to protect the fishing port of 4,000 people on Iceland’s southern Reykjanes peninsula.

Residents were evacuated from Grindavík on 11 November after magma shifting under the Earth’s crust caused hundreds of earthquakes – a warning of a likely volcanic eruption – and thousands of smaller tremors have shaken the region since.

Alexander Butler24 November 2023 00:01


Inside the abandoned Iceland town left in limbo by a volcano

A sense of trepidation builds on the coach as we are waved through the roadblock that has held back people from returning to the Icelandic town of Grindavik amid an “imminent” volcanic eruption warning, Barney Davis reports from Reykjavik.

But the volunteer rescue forces posted on guard duty in battering 32mph winds have to follow the strict instructions of Iceland’s tourist minister. There is a lot of high-speed arguing in Icelandic, and eventually we pass through.

The coach is carrying the world’s media for the first time since the initial 5.2-magnitude earthquake gripped the globe’s attention.

Alexander Butler23 November 2023 23:00


Iceland braces for ‘imminent’ volcanic eruption with just 30 minutes warning

Iceland watches on helplessly as rescue workers escorting locals back to the evacuated fishing town of Grindavik say it is “now a waiting game” before an eruption, Barney Davis reports from Reykjavík.

Gripped viewers are glued to main TV News channel RUV.is as it plays a live stream of the glowing crater with modern Icelandic electronic music underneath as the countdown continued on Tuesday.

It comes as 1,200 households scramble to grab as many “heartfelt” objects as they can under observation from rescue teams from the town above the volatile Reykjanes Peninsula.

Alexander Butler23 November 2023 21:45

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