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Israel Hamas War Live Updates: Israel destroys Hamas anti-tank positions, kills gunmen in

02:18:03 PM IST, 30 October 2023

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: Human shields do not ‘lessen’ Israel’s responsibility to protect civilians, US says

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: The United States has emphasised that the fact that Hamas is using Palestinian civilians as human shields in Gaza, does not lessen Israel’s responsibility of protecting the civilians, The Hill reported.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told CBS, that the US is “very focused” on how terrorist group Hamas is using civilians as human shields in Gaza as Israel continues to bombard the territory.

Sullivan said Hamas terrorists are “hiding behind civilians” as Israel vows to eliminate the group, which is designated as a terrorist organization by the US.

“They’re putting rockets and other terrorist infrastructure in civilian areas. That creates an added burden for the Israeli Defence Forces,” he said.

“But it does not lessen their responsibility to distinguish between terrorists and innocent civilians and to protect the lives of innocent civilians as they conduct this military operation,” The Hill quoted him as saying.

“That’s true of striking from the air. It is true of going in on the ground, and this is something that we talk about with the Israelis on a daily basis,” Sullivan added.

02:16:13 PM IST, 30 October 2023

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: An aircraft killed several militants in Jenin in West Bank, Reuters reports citing Israel’s Military spokesperson

02:10:41 PM IST, 30 October 2023

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: Israeli Defense Minister Gallant says ground war in Gaza linked to freeing hostages

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: On Sunday, Israel’s Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant met with the families of Israelis who were kidnapped by the Hamas terrorist organization to Gaza, as well as families of other missing persons, ANI reported.

Minister Gallant held an open discussion with the family members, answered their questions and discussed the measures being taken to return the hostages and locate missing persons.

“I have two goals,” Gallant told them, “returning those who were kidnapped and winning this war. All the rest is less important right now.”

“We have gathered the best people from all branches of the defense establishment, for this specific mission. You have all seen who Hamas is – there is nothing more important than returning the hostages and eradicating Hamas.”

“Our activities on the ground are linked to the efforts to return the hostages,” added Gallant. “If Hamas does not feel military pressure, nothing will move forward. They seek the collapse of Israeli society from within, and are using the hostages in a brutal manner. The military operation is intended, among other things, to increase the chance of returning our people.”

02:04:44 PM IST, 30 October 2023

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: ‘Stop blaming Iran’

Israel Hamas War Live: Iran’s foreign ministry spokesperson said on Monday the U.S. should refrain from blaming Tehran for Hamas’ Oct. 7 attacks on Israel.”Stop it,” Nasser Kanaani said, when asked by a journalist about statements by U.S. officials, including President Joe Biden, accusing Iran in relation to developments in Gaza.

01:38:48 PM IST, 30 October 2023

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: Israeli army says over ‘600 targets’ hit in 24 hours in Gaza, reports AFP

01:31:28 PM IST, 30 October 2023

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: We expect Israel to act with professionalism, with restraint, to abide by international law, says UK Foreign secretary

Israel Hamas War Live: He also said that a significant increase in the volume of humanitarian aid getting to the people of Gaza is needed.

01:14:14 PM IST, 30 October 2023

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: Israel says hit military infrastructure in Syria

01:07:16 PM IST, 30 October 2023

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: Crude slips as worries of region-wide Middle East war ease

Oil prices fell Monday as Israel stepped up ground attacks on Hamas targets in Gaza but held back from a full-on incursion, fanning hopes a wider conflict can be avoided.Equities were mixed ahead of a Federal Reserve policy meeting this week, with traders fearing it will likely keep interest rates elevated for an extended period as inflation remains stubbornly high.Israel Hamas War Live Updates: Crude pared Friday’s almost three percent gains as Israel’s military continued air and ground operations in Gaza, though it took a more cautious approach than feared, AFP reported.Instead of a broad offensive, officials have opted for targeted attacks on a day-to-day basis, tempering worries of an all-out war that could drag in Iran and even the United States.

12:56:37 PM IST, 30 October 2023

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: Israel expands ground assault into Gaza as fears rise over airstrikes near crowded hospitals

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: Israeli troops and armor pushed deeper into the northern Gaza Strip on Monday, reaching built-up areas as the U.N. and medical staff warned that airstrikes are hitting closer to hospitals, where tens of thousands of Palestinians have sought shelter alongside thousands of wounded. The increasing ground operations came a day after 33 trucks carrying food, medicine and other supplies entered Gaza from Egypt, the largest convoy of humanitarian aid since the war between Israel and Hamas began. Relief workers said Monday the assistance still fell far short of needs in Gaza, which has been under siege for weeks.The Gaza Health Ministry said the death toll among Palestinians passed 8,000, mostly women and minors, as Israeli tanks and infantry pursued what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called a “second stage” in the war ignited by Hamas’ brutal Oct. 7 incursion.The toll is without precedent in decades of Israeli-Palestinian violence. Over 1,400 people have died on the Israeli side, mainly civilians killed during the initial attack, also an unprecedented figure.

12:13:43 PM IST, 30 October 2023

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: Gaza water shortage forces Palestinians to bathe and wash dishes in the sea

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: On a beach in Gaza, a young boy hunches over a plastic tub full of soapy water and laundry. Nearby, a woman uses sand to clean metal pots and pans. A man stands waist-deep in the sea cleaning a pair of sweatpants, while elsewhere, three women sit in the salty Mediterranean and let the lapping waves rinse their dresses.

The besieged Gaza Strip’s 2.3 million people don’t have access to clean, running water after Israel cut off water and electricity to the enclave. If water does trickle from the tap, residents have said it’s so contaminated with sewage and seawater that it’s undrinkable. Under these circumstances, some are forced to use the sea to bathe, wash clothes and clean their cookware.

On Sunday, 33 trucks carrying water, food and medicine entered the only border crossing from Egypt. Israel said it has opened two water lines in southern Gaza within the past week. The AP could not independently verify that either line was functioning.

12:10:30 PM IST, 30 October 2023

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: Israel army says ‘dozens’ of militants killed in Gaza overnight, reports AFP

12:06:44 PM IST, 30 October 2023

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: Stocks muted by Middle East conflict, central bank meetings

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: Asian share markets were mixed on Monday as Israel’s push into Gaza stirred fears of a wider conflict ahead of central bank meetings in the United States, Britain and Japan, the latter of which might see a policy tightening, Reuters reported.

The earnings season also continues with Apple, Airbnb, McDonald’s, Moderna and Eli Lilly & Co among the many reporting this week. Results so far have been underwhelming, contributing to the S&P 500’s retreat into correction territory.

“The price action is bad as SPX could not defend a key 4,200 level; risk is it heads to the 200-week moving average of 3,941 before a trading rally,” BofA analysts said.

S&P 500 futures did edge up 0.4% on Monday to 4,153.5, while Nasdaq futures added 0.5%. EUROSTOXX 50 futures slipped 0.1% and FTSE futures gained 0.2%.

Risk appetite was dulled by Israel’s push to surround Gaza’s main city in a self-declared “second phase” of a three-week war against Iranian-backed Hamas militants.

11:41:12 AM IST, 30 October 2023

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: Israeli Defence Force gives an update on its Ground Operations in Gaza

11:37:43 AM IST, 30 October 2023

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: Russian airport mob injures more than 20

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: More than 20 people were injured when protesters stormed a Russian Makhachkala airport in Dagestan, including police and civilians, TASS reported.
According to the local Ministry of Health, ten people are in hospitals, with two of them in critical condition.

“Doctors from republican hospitals are treating ten injured in the incident at Makhachkala airport. There are moderate to severe injuries among both police officers and civilians. Two people are in critical condition. Doctors are doing everything they can to save their patients’ lives. Over ten more people with minor injuries sought outpatient medical care,” TASS quoted the Russian Health Ministry.

Police in Russia’s Dagestan have arrested multiple rioters who stormed the runway at Makhachkala airport on Sunday.

11:17:19 AM IST, 30 October 2023

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: Israel pounds Gaza’s north as it steps up ground assault

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: Palestinians in northern Gaza reported fierce air and artillery strikes early on Monday as Israeli troops backed by tanks pressed into the enclave with a ground assault that prompted more international calls for civilians to be protected.

Israeli air strikes hit areas near Gaza City’s Shifa and Al-Quds hospitals, and Palestinian militants clashed with Israeli forces in a border area east of the city of Khan Younis, in the enclave’s south, Palestinian media said.

There was no comment from Hamas or the Israeli military on Monday’s fighting. Reuters was not able to confirm the reports.

11:06:09 AM IST, 30 October 2023

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: Israeli hostage families fight to keep spotlight on captives

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: Some support an Israeli invasion of Gaza, others want a prisoner swap, but relatives of dozens seized by Hamas said Sunday they were united in demanding Israel’s government end their nightmare.

More than three weeks after shock cross-border attacks on Israeli kibbutz communities, towns and army bases near the Gaza border, the fearful families feel they are only just starting to be taken seriously by the authorities.

“It was not enough but it was a nice start,” said Jackie Levy, an Israeli television presenter among about 80 hostage relatives who met with President Isaac Herzog on Sunday.

“At last we are on the table. They have us and our interests on top of the agenda.”

On Saturday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a hastily arranged encounter with other relatives who had threatened to organise protests over the lack of contact from the government.

“The president told us very clearly that bringing out our beloved ones is a top aim of Israel now,” said Levy, whose wife is waiting for news of five relatives seized at the Nir Oz kibbutz.

“It makes us feel a little bit better after three long weeks with no call,” he added.

10:51:18 AM IST, 30 October 2023

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: “Preventing aid getting to Gaza could be ‘a crime'”

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: The International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor warned Sunday that blocking humanitarian aid from entering Gaza could constitute a crime.
“Impeding relief supplies as provided by the Geneva Conventions may constitute a crime within the court jurisdiction,” Karim Khan told reporters in Cairo.

He was speaking after a visit to Egypt’s Rafah crossing, where he said trucks full of desperately needed goods remained stuck and unable to cross into Gaza.

“I saw trucks full of goods, full of humanitarian assistance stuck where nobody needs them, stuck in Egypt, stuck at Rafah,” he said.

“These supplies must get to the civilians of Gaza without delay.”

10:44:27 AM IST, 30 October 2023

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: 60 people detained after mob breaks out at Russian Airport

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: As many as 60 people were detained after unrest at the Dagestan’s Makhachkala Airport, Russia.

10:34:16 AM IST, 30 October 2023

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: Mob breaks out at Russian Airport in search of “Israelis” and “Jews”

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: A mob looking for Israelis and Jews overran an airport in Russia’s Caucasus republic of Dagestan on Sunday, after rumours spread that a flight was arriving from Israel.

The violence in the mostly Muslim region, which comes as war rages between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, prompted Israel to call on Russia to protect its citizens, while the United States condemned the “antisemitic protests”.

The governor of Dagestan promised that those responsible for the incident would be punished.

Dozens of protesters, many of them chanting “Allahu Akbar” (God is greatest), broke through doors and barriers at Makhachkala airport, with some charging onto the runway, according to videos posted on social media and Russia’s RT and Izvestia media.

Russia’s aviation agency Rosaviatsiya announced shortly afterwards that it had closed the airport to incoming and outgoing flights and that security forces had arrived.

10:07:45 AM IST, 30 October 2023

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: Indian National Congress ‘strongly opposed’ to India’s abstention on UN resolution on Israel-Hamas conflict, says Sonia Gandhi

10:06:51 AM IST, 30 October 2023

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: Israel’s Mobileye CEO urges that Netanyahu be replaced immediately

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: The head of self-driving auto technologies firm Mobileye and one of Israel’s leading businessmen, Amnon Shashua, on Sunday urged the immediate ouster of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government.

Shashua, in a high-profile public rebuke from Israel’s private sector, said Netanyahu’s government was guilty of “failures, dissonance and incompetence” since Hamas gunmen crossed from Gaza in a deadly rampage of southern Israeli towns on Oct. 7.

“We must cut our losses and do it quickly. The only solution to the current situation in Israel is to replace the government, and it needs to happen immediately,” Shashua wrote in an opinion piece in financial daily Calcalist.

Netanyahu caused his own uproar on Sunday by taking a jab at his intelligence chiefs, saying they never warned him Hamas was planning its attack, but later retracted his comments and issued an apology.

09:47:39 AM IST, 30 October 2023

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: Clashes on Israel’s Northern border with Lebanon and Syria

Israel Hamas War Live: The Israeli military struck targets in Lebanon and Syria on Sunday after projectiles were fired into Israel.

Clashes have been taking place across Israel’s tense border with Lebanon since the onset of the Hamas-Israel war, mostly contained to several border towns.

But on Sunday, rockets were fired from Syria as well, falling into open Israeli territory, the military said. It fired back at the site where the rockets were launched.

Israel’s military also provided video of multiple strikes inside Lebanon, showing explosions erupting among trees and missiles hitting a building on a hillside. The military said it shot down a drone and killed a militant who tried to approach the border fence.

On Sunday evening, Hamas said its forces in Lebanon had fired 16 missiles at the northern Israeli town of Nahariya. The Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, a Hamas ally, also announced it had fired missiles at several sites across the border Sunday afternoon, including one that it said had hit an Israeli infantry unit near the town of Birket Risha and caused “confirmed injuries.”

09:42:17 AM IST, 30 October 2023

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: US envoy condemns violent protests threatening Israelis in Russia

Israel Palestine War Live: US Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism (SEAS), Deborah Lipstadt, has expressed her strong disapproval of the recent violent demonstrations in Russia that pose a threat to Israelis and Jews. She has urged Russian authorities to take measures to guarantee their safety.

In a message shared on a platform (X), Lipstadt underscored the United States’ solidarity with Israel and the global Jewish community. She emphasized that there can be no justification for singling out Jews or participating in any form of antisemitic provocation.

“We denounce the violent protests in Russia that have targeted Israelis and Jews and call upon Russian authorities to ensure their well-being. The United States stands firmly alongside Israel and the worldwide Jewish community as we witness a disturbing rise in antisemitism across the globe. There is absolutely no justification for the targeting of Jews or the propagation of antisemitic sentiments in any location,” Lipstadt posted on (X).

09:24:48 AM IST, 30 October 2023

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: Mob chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ storms Russian airport looking for Israelis

Israel Palestine War Live: Footage captured at Makhachkala airport, which was obtained by Reuters, depicted demonstrators, primarily composed of young men. They were observed waving Palestinian flags, shattering glass doors, and sprinting through the airport while chanting slogans such as “Allahu Akbar” or “God is Greatest.”In another segment, a separate group was observed making an attempt to overturn a patrol truck. As a response to the situation, the Russian Aviation Authority decided to suspend airport operations until comprehensive security assessments are concluded. Although there were no immediate reports of arrests, Russia’s federal investigations agency initiated a criminal investigation into the incident.

09:03:53 AM IST, 30 October 2023

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: Israel destroys Hamas anti-tank positions, kills gunmen in Gaza

Israel Palestine War Live: The Israel Defense Forces expanded their ground incursion inside the Gaza Strip on Sunday, destroying Hamas anti-tank positions and engaging with several gunmen along the Gaza coast and at the Erez border crossing, as reported by the military. Throughout the day, rockets were launched from Gaza towards Israeli towns and cities, with a focus on targeting Hamas positions in the northern part of the Strip.

08:46:51 AM IST, 30 October 2023

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: 33 aid trucks entered Gaza on Sunday

Israel-Palestine War Live: The UN reported that over 30 aid trucks made their way into Gaza, marking the most substantial convoy to reach the war-torn Palestinian region since the resumption of deliveries just over a week ago. The United Nations humanitarian organization OCHA disclosed that 33 trucks loaded with essential supplies, including water, food, and medical resources, entered Gaza through the Rafah border crossing with Egypt. In an update on the situation in Gaza sent early Monday, OCHA stated, “This represents the largest humanitarian aid delivery since October 21 when limited deliveries were reinstated.”

08:27:35 AM IST, 30 October 2023

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: Jordan urges more humanitarian aid to Gaza

Israel Palestine War Live: Jordan’s Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi has urged the international community to collaborate immediately in providing essential humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. He expressed this during separate meetings in Amman with his Cypriot counterpart Constantinos Kombos and Belgian counterpart Hadja Lahbib. Their discussions revolved around efforts to de-escalate the situation in Gaza amid Israel’s intensified airstrikes and ground operations in response to the attack launched by Hamas on Israeli border towns on October 7.

08:13:15 AM IST, 30 October 2023

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: Netanyahu sparks controversy

Israel Palestine War Live: Israel escalated its ground offensive in Gaza as criticism mounted against…

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