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It is time London comes together as a collective and supports its communities to help stop

Two weeks ago a special event was held in east London to bring together over fifty families who have lost a loved one predominately through violent crime. The fantastic event was called ‘The Table of Love and Loss’ and was organised by Ayse Hussein, in memory of her cousin Jan Mustafa who was horrendously murdered. They key theme of the event was to bring hope by uniting and sharing each other’s tragic experiences.

Families were able to talk to each other and help each other promote their voices in memory of their loved ones. However, the one key point here is that despite beautiful events such as these being organised by families who have lost a loved one, very little is done to support these families.

Most of these families who have lost a child to knife crime fail to receive any form of counselling or are even offered it. Their child literally becomes another knife crime statistic across the country. The debate on how to tackle knife crime continues, money is thrown here and there, yet the bottom line is that knife crime carries on. Areas are cordoned off frequently by officers and images of blood all over the pavements are common. Communities cry for answers and after the initial media coverage, nothing is done and knife crimes continues.

A recent shooting in the capital saw rival gangs debate who the perp was and actually thrive in what a top job had been done. Believe it or not, this is actually the case. Chances are you are all shaking your heads in disbelief right now.

Many charity organisations across the capital run preventative courses across schools and youth clubs in a desperate bid to deter youngsters away from knife crime. Schools officers work hard establishing relationships with youths in hope to build trust and confidence. Bereaved parents hand out endless bleed kits to many venues across the capital in the hope of saving lives. However, what is lacking here is the sense of unity, coming together as a capital to stop violent crime.

It is desperate for all our communities to now come together, listen to each other and begin to work as a collective across London to help reduce violent crime. Our youth our supposed to be our future, at the moment, they need our help, they need mentoring, supporting and guidance. We must work as a team by not only listening to each other, but by forging a way forward to bring support to our community and ultimately our youths.

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