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Jimmy Kimmel Has Perfect Response to MTG’s Demand to Be on His Show

Marjorie Taylor Greene has made it known that she wants to be a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live. And in his first show back after a Thanksgiving break, Jimmy Kimmel let her know that is almost certainly never going to happen.

Last week, in an effort to promote her new book MTG, the Georgia congresswoman posted on X, “Hey @jimmykimmel since most of your show content is your nonstop lies about me, why don’t you have me on your show? I’ll bring you a copy of my book and we can chat about what needs to happen to SAVE AMERICA!”

“I guess I’m a Hollywood libtard that’s part of the celebrity pedophile Satan club,” Kimmel joked Monday night. “Until she has a book to promote, then “I’d love to swing by!”

After reminding his viewers that Greene once literally called the police on him for making jokes about her, Kimmel marveled at the audacity that she would ask for an invitation. “Though I have to admit, part of me wants to invite her here so I can let her wait for an hour down in the green room doing power squats—and then bump her,” he said. “Even just to screw with Matt Damon it would be fun. But I also don’t want rabies so…”

From there, Kimmel spent a few moments breaking down just how poorly Greene’s book is apparently selling, noting that it’s “ranked number 65 in the Women’s Biography category” behind “a book written by Kanye’s ex-girlfriend,” two different Michelle Obama memoirs and 60 places behind Paris Hilton’s “Paris the Memoir.”

“Marjorie Taylor Greene’s book is such a bomb, I might have to report it to the Capitol Police,” the host concluded.

But not all hope is lost for Greene. Earlier this year, Kimmel gave in to repeated requests from Mike Lindell, allowing him to be a guest on his show, but only if he did so from inside an arcade claw machine. The MyPillow CEO happily obliged.

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