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Keith Prince AM calls on London Mayor to get a grip on London transport soaring crime.

City Hall Conservatives Transport Spokesman Keith Prince AM has called on Sadiq Khan to get a grip on soaring crime on London’s public transport network. 

New figures from Transport for London show crime skyrocketed on London Underground, Overground, buses, trams and DLR between April and September 2023 compared to the same period in 2022: 

  • 22,294 crimes on TfL network – up 30% 
  • 10,836 crimes on London Underground – up 56%
  • 8,980 crimes on London buses – up 6%
  • 798 crimes on London Overground – up 28% 
  • 465 crimes on DLR – up 11%
  • 151 crimes on Trams – up 34%.

The figures also show one in three Londoners (32%) has felt worried about personal security on public transport in the past three months. One in 15 (7%) is too afraid to use public transport. 

Commenting on the new figures, Keith Prince AM said: “Crime on London public transport is out of control. Passengers are experiencing violence, robbery, theft and sexual offences on a daily basis. It’s no wonder many Londoners are now too afraid to use public transport. Sadiq Khan runs TfL and the Met Police. The buck stops with him. The Mayor needs to get a grip on skyrocketing crime on London buses, trains and trams.” 

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