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LADWP reviving low-cost AC unit rebates to help people stay cool

What to Know

  • The DWP is offering a $225 rebate for eligible residents to buy new portable or window AC units.
  • In order to qualify, customers must be enrolled in one of four DWP programs that lower utility bills.
  • All DWP customers are qualified to receive a $75 rebate if they buy an eligible efficient AC unit.

After last week’s heat wave, it’s clear that summer is definitely here to stay.

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is hoping to make sure every Angeleno is able to stay cool by reviving its rebate program meant to help lower-income residents keep cool through all of the coming heat waves.

The DWP is offering a $225 rebate, more than triple the amount it offered to residents last year, on portable or window-unit air conditioners for customers enrolled in one of its discounted rate programs. The rebate will cover over 80% of the cost of small window AC units, with some being offered as low as $5 after rebates.

Also on the list of resources offered to Angelenos this season is the agency’s level bill pay program, which allows customers to spread out the jump in summer energy costs evenly across the year. This way you can turn on your AC and not fear a spike in your bill. Any residential DWP customer can sign up by calling 800-342-5397.

These rebates and level bill pay plan are part of the DWP’s Cool LA program that was announced last summer, meant to increase access to air conditioning and cooling for low-income residents. City officials emphasized that affordable air conditioning was vital to health and safety, especially during high temperatures.

Who’s eligible for the AC rebates?

The DWP offers all of its customers a $75 rebate during the summer ($50 the rest of the year) if they buy a more efficient portable, wall-mounted or window AC unit. The agency is also giving $25 prepaid cards in exchange for turning in old window units.

The rebate jumps to $225 for DWP customers who are enrolled in any of the four programs that lower their utility bills:

  • EZ-SAVE (formerly known as the Low-Income Discount Program)
  • Lifeline (which exempts low-income seniors and disabled residents from taxes on their utility bills)
  • Life Support Equipment Discount (for people with respirators, motorized wheelchairs and other essential health devices at home)
  • Physician Certified Allowance Discount (for households with members who are paraplegic, quadriplegic or have certain disabling conditions).

Customers can enroll in one of these programs by clicking here.

How do the new AC rebates work?

Eligible customers can receive up to two rebates for AC unit purchases made between May 11 and Sept. 30. The air conditioners must be installed at a house, town house, condominium or apartment served by the DWP. Customers must apply for a rebate by Nov. 15.

To take advantage, you’ll have to buy an air conditioner that meets the DWP’s efficiency requirements at the agency’s Cool LA marketplace.

Visit the DWP’s Cool LA marketplace to find eligible air conditioners that you can buy with the rebate.
Some units can be bought with the rebate already applied as a discount. Look out for the shopping cart icon next to the price.

Some units can be bought directly from the marketplace at a discounted price, with the rebate already applied at the time of purchase. These units are marked by a small shopping cart symbol near their price.

Once you’re ready to check out, the site will ask you to fill out some basic information, including your DWP account number. This will be used to determine if you’re qualified for the increased rebate.

After the unit you’d like to buy is in your cart, you will need to check out and fill out this form.

If you’re not qualified, a message will appear directing you to a separate DWP marketplace to find an efficient AC unit. You won’t be able to place a direct order, but you will be able to submit a claim to receive $75 if you buy one of the models listed on the site elsewhere.

After buying one of these units, customers will have to fill out a form at the Cool LA marketplace in order to claim a virtual gift card of their choosing, such as a prepaid credit card or retail gift cards.

If you’re not eligible for the increased rebate, all DWP residential customers can find an efficient AC unit on this page.
Customers will be directed to stores where they can purchase the unit.
After you buy the unit, you will need to submit a claim to receive your $75 rebate. Customers will be asked to fill out another form to complete the process.

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