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Let’s ‘taco’ bout it: LA spots to check out for National Taco Day

What is better than a taco? They are warm tortillas topped with savory chunks of meat (non-meat included) sprinkled to perfection with cilantro, onion and salsa. This is the purest way to enjoy them, besides a tortilla with salt. 

Los Angeles has over 2,000 restaurants that serve tacos daily. Not to mention the unique and flavorful contribution from thousands of street vendors. With National Taco Day coming up on Wednesday, Oct. 4, here are a few places to check out:

  • Tacos A Cabron: With lines down the boulevard, Tacos A Cabron provides a wide selection of tacos. This includes chorizo, costilla, al pastor, asada, lengua, cabeza, tripa, buche and chicken. The real deal is on Tuesdays with tacos for $1.50. 
  • Trejo’s Tacos: Established in 2016, actor Danny Trejo aimed to elevate LA’s Mexican food culture. Trejo’s Taco hosted a taco crawl last year in Santa Monica to celebrate National Taco Day and is slated to do the same for this year’s unofficial holiday.
  • Birria Del Valle: Here is a great opportunity to try birria tacos from Michoacán, Mexico. Located in the San Fernando Valley, Birria Del Valle provides a spicy and elevated experience for birria lovers. A great option for colder weather are the ramen birria tacos
  • Angel’s Tijuana Tacos: Calling all guacamole lovers, Angel’s Tijuana Tacos provides an array of options. Their tortillas are handmade and heated to a golden shade, topped with a meat of choice and drowned in guacamole sauce. Other options include burritos, quesadillas and tortas. 
  • King Taco: This is a great fast food option for LA residents. King Taco has been operating since 1974 and started from a truck. King Taco now has 22 locations in California, partially in Los Angeles and San Bernardino County. Taco options include carne asada, al pastor, cabeza, carnitas, lengua, chicken, buche, suadero and chicharron.

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