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London has been named one of the world’s ‘most tranquil’ cities – yes, really

When describing London, let’s face it, you probably use words like ‘big’, ‘crowded’ and ‘noisy’. The city of course has beautiful spots too – and there’s a whole host of pretty walks to enjoy – but calling it tranquil might be a bit of a stretch. 

Not according to one new study, though. Research by parking provider SkyParkSecur has analysed factors such as the number of spas, nearby beaches, nature and wildlife tours and pollution levels, concluding that London is the sixth most tranquil holiday destination in the entire world. 

The ‘nearby beaches’ category probably wasn’t London’s strong suit, but when it comes to spas and tranquil venues, you gotta hand it to the capital – it’s got both in abundance. London scored particularly well thanks to its high concentration of yoga and pilates studios. If you’re after some inspo on where to relax, here’s Time Out London’s roundup of our favourite spas.

And then there’s all the green space. London has a tonne of major parks which make great spots for a bit of rest and recuperation (when the sun is out, at least), and these ones are our absolute faves. But Hyde Park and Hampstead Heath aside, there’s plenty of hidden gardens and secret spaces across London, too.

So, where else made this list? Well, the likes of Marrakech, Phuket and Tokyo beat the capital in terms of tranquillity, but London surprisingly scored better than Playa Del Carmen, Hanoi and even Lanzarote. Who knew?

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