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Longtime friend Bob Geldof says Sinead O’Connor was ‘full of a terrible loneliness’

Sinead O’Connor dies, aged 56

Tributes to Irish singer Sinead O’Connor are continuing to pour in, in the wake of the Irish singer’s death aged 56.

Thousands of fans, fellow musicians and public figures have shared their love for O’Connor since her family confirmed the Dublin-born musician had died.

O’Connor’s longtime friend, singer Bob Geldof, paid tribute to the “Mandinka” singer over the weekend at Ireland’s Cavan Calling festival.

Addressing the crowd, Geldof recalled the nature of his final texts with O’Connor before her death.

“Many, many times Sinead was full of a terrible loneliness and a terrible despair,” he said. “She was a very good friend of mine. We were talking right up to a couple of weeks ago. Some of her texts were laden with desperation and despair and some were ecstatically happy. She was like that.”

O’Connor spoke about living with bipolar disorder during a televised interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2007, explaining how she suffered from suicidal thoughts.

“I don’t think I was born with bipolar disorder – I believe it was created as a result of the violence I experienced,” she told Winfrey, referring to the abuse she’d experienced from her mother as a child.

Later, in 2013, O’Connor told fans that she’d been misdiagnosed and that she was instead suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.


Watch: All-Ireland football final pays tribute to late Sinead O’Connor

All-Ireland football final pays tribute to late Sinead O’Connor

Peony Hirwani1 August 2023 07:00


Rob Schneider recalls ‘eery’ aftermath of Sinead O’Connor’s pope stunt on SNL

Saturday Night Live alum Rob Schneider has recalled the immediate impact Sinead O’Connor’s infamous political stunt had on the show’s studio audience.

In 1992, the late Irish singer, shocked America and the rest of the world after she tore up a photo of Pope John Paul II live on the popular comedy sketch show. “Fight the real enemy,” she said while staring directly into the camera.

Thirty years later, on the day of O’Connor’s death (26 July) at age 56, comedian Schneider, 59, paid tribute to the “gentle and lovely” artist, recounting one of her stand-out moments.

Peony Hirwani1 August 2023 06:35


Music critic Helen Brown on Sinead O’Connor

“The voice was strangely soft, yet O’Connor reached deep into the awkward corners of every consonant like she was gouging at scabs,” writes music critic Helen Brown. “There was a scowl and a punch thrown as she ripped into the chorus.”

Peony Hirwani1 August 2023 05:35


O’Connor’s memoir ‘Rememberings’ tops best-seller list following her death

Irish singer’s 2021 memoir Rememberings has managed to top the best-seller list, following her death last week on 26 July.

In Rememberings, O’Connor recounts “her painful tale of growing up in Dublin in a dysfunctional, abusive household”, according to a summary.

She also takes a look at her controversial yet acclaimed career.

Inga Parkel1 August 2023 04:00


All-Ireland football final pays tribute to late Sinead O’Connor

All-Ireland football final pays tribute to late Sinead O’Connor

Inga Parkel1 August 2023 03:00


Sinead O’Connor is being remembered for her lifelong dedication to women’s rights

(PA Archive)

Irish singer was vocal advocate for women in the music industry and reproductive rights

Inga Parkel1 August 2023 02:00


Sinead O’Connor’s last texts ‘laden with despair and desperation’, Bob Geldof says

Inga Parkel1 August 2023 01:00


Sinead O’Connor was finishing new album and reviewing tour dates before her death, say her managers

Sinead O’Connor had been “completing her new album”, reviewing tour dates for next year and was also considering “opportunities” around a movie of her book, her management company has said.

(PA Archive)

Grammy-winning Irish singer died on 26 July, aged 56

Inga Parkel1 August 2023 00:00


Sinead O’Connor’s prescience ‘was unbelievable’, broadcaster Dave Fanning says

Sinead O’Connor’s prescience ‘was unbelievable’, broadcaster Dave Fanning says

Inga Parkel31 July 2023 23:00


Sinead O’Connor’s withering Piers Morgan snub resurfaces

Accompanying the post, the 58-year-old broadcaster included a photo of the two standing together in the ITV studio.

“Knew her for 35 years & we had some ferocious spats but also some great Guinness-fuelled make-ups. She was a unique character. Sad day,” the broadcaster, 58, tweeted.

To the delight of many O’Connor fans, however, one such spat has resurfaced across social media.

Sinead O’Connor and Piers Morgan

(Getty Images)

Broadcaster had apparently invited the late singer to appear on ITV’s ‘Good Morning Britain’

Inga Parkel31 July 2023 22:00

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