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Lose belly fat fast, feel better in days — just stop eating this one type of food

Losing weight can be difficult, but there’s one simple way to jumpstart the process, experts say — you’ll shed unwanted belly fat and feel better in just days.

There’s only one catch — that simple way is to stop eating a certain type of food that Americans are addicted to, often out of necessity, thanks to our go-go schedules that don’t often allow time to hang out at home in the kitchen preparing meals from the Mediterranean Diet cookbook.

However — make the effort to cut back on this particular flab fuel, says one weight loss pro, swapping in healthier alternatives, and you’d be amazed what can be accomplished — particularly in the notably tricky belly area, where fat rather easily collects and very often hangs around a lot longer than any of us would like.

Belly fat is easy to accumulate and hard to lose, but this one easy move could be the answer. TATIANA – stock.adobe.com

Lucy Jones is a dietician and chief clinical officer at Oviva, a weight management provider in the United Kingdom. She explained to the Daily Star that eating fewer “refined carbs” can give you a huge assist in the battle of the bulge — a war worth fighting, considering the havoc that stomach fat can wreak on your internal organs, not to mention the way it heightens your risk for heart trouble, diabetes and more.

“Targeting particular body areas is hard, but there is some evidence from studies like the Framlingham Heart Study, that eating less sugar and refined carbs — and instead replacing these with wholegrain foods — can help to reduce more abdominal fat,” Jones said.

That means saying no to the plate of regular spaghetti, or an Italian sub on a white roll, swapping in the wholegrain versions — whole wheat pasta and a dark sourdough bread, for example. Healthy, sure — but they can also aid the weight loss process.

Instead of ordinary white bread, try wheat, rye, pumpernickel or other darker breads. lisa870 – stock.adobe.com
Swap out regular spaghetti for wholegrain and see wha a difference it can make, an expert said. Markus Schröder – stock.adobe.com

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that pitted a group of wholegrain eaters against those who ate none showed that while the refined carb eaters lost slightly more weight, the wholegrain eaters were able to melt “significantly more” pudge from the abdominal region, The Mirror reported.

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