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Lyft Spreads Holiday Cheer: $20K in Free Ride Credits for Disabled and Elderly Residents in

Partnering with Local Organizations, Lyft Gives Back to Ease Holiday Travel Struggles 

By Dolores Quintana

As the holiday season unfolds, transportation challenges persist for individuals with disabilities and the elderly. In a bid to alleviate some of these obstacles, Lyft has joined forces with the Southern California Resources for Independent Living in Los Angeles County and Self Help for the Elderly in San Francisco County to offer $20,000 in free ride credits from December 1 through the end of the year.

Nicholas Johnson, Lyft’s Public Policy Director, stated, “Holiday travel is stressful under the best of circumstances, but for those living with a disability or who are elderly, it can be especially difficult. Lyft’s mission is to make travel easier, and by helping remove some of these pain points, we hope to improve these individuals’ holiday travel experience so they can spend more time with the ones they love.”

Qualifying riders in these locations can receive a ride code for up to $10 off their next two rides.

To access the credits, disabled and elderly riders can reach out to the respective organizations in their area, which will provide them with a ride code or assist them in ordering their next ride, including wheelchair-accessible vehicle (WAV) rides where available, using the code.

Hector Ochoa, Director of Southern California Resources for Independent Living, expressed excitement about the initiative, saying, “Transportation can be a major barrier for those living with disabilities. We’re excited to help make things a little easier this holiday season by partnering with Lyft. Together, we can better empower people with any disability to live full and independent lives.”

Annie Chung, President and CEO of Self Help for the Elderly, emphasized the significance of the partnership, noting, “Many of those we work with not only struggle to access transportation but also to afford it. These ride codes will go a long way in overcoming these major obstacles, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to give back to those who are often overlooked or taken for granted. We’re grateful for this partnership and look forward to helping more people spend time with loved ones this holiday season.”

For more information on Lyft’s support for riders with disabilities, visit Lyft Accessibility. To learn more about ordering a WAV ride, refer to Ordering a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle.

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